Style. That’s what we’re here for. To find those characteristic notes that distinguish you and define how unique you are. Because you are unique, although sometimes you doubt about it.

In our first year in the World Wide Web, we have had ups and downs, but it has been an exciting journey! We have been able to show you the basis of the necessary knowledge for a good style: body shapes, face shapeseyebrow shapesbasic garments and wild-card clothes. How to find the perfect skirtsoveralls or dresses for your body type. We have also talked about motivation in our editorials, and shared tips to manage your work environment.

Because the image serves an end: to exploit your greatest potential. And that includes every area of your life.

So we propose to continue on this trip. It will become more specific, but we will continue sharing a lot of useful and basic information about the areas that affect your confidence and self-esteem. That is the basis of your style. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you can’t walk with it like taking the world ahead. Attitude is everything, I’m sure you’ve already heard it.

Let’s put even more attitude. We will tell you the keys to hair and skin care, meet new products and the best beauty tips with natural ingredients. We will also teach you how to pamper yourself to have a good relationship with yourself. One that allows you to have the confidence you need to shine as you deserve.

Remember that you can always return to the bases to consult what you need, even if we are moving forward. Starting this month, you can consult the glossary if you have any questions. We will fill it in time, but there will be the basic beauty procedures related to hair and skin care, and the most basic makeup techniques.

You can also contact us to ask for a particular topic if you wish. We would love to hear from you!

Finally, to show you how the style works, let’s start with the closet capsules with influence of the different predefined styles, starting with the rocker (This is for a very special friend of mine).

Ready for this roller coaster of style?

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