It’s hard enough finding a good shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t mistreat or accustom your hair, but it can all be ruined when you do the styling. Therefore, we show you the 3 easiest and fastest ways to styling hair, and obtain professional results.

It is not enough to know how to properly wash your hair and with what, or what treatments are ideal for your hair. All of this is perfect to maintain the health of your hair, but the truth is that, when leaving home, what we want is to make it look great.

And that’s what modeling or completion methods are used for. Of course, in some countries they are not the same, but to be clearer, we refer to the products that we put outside the shower to model hair, beyond the mechanical method of modeling (blow-out, poppling, curl-finger, etc). That will be the subject of another article.

To have the best results, we tell you which are the 3 most common methods that professionals use and which are also suitable for the Curly-Girl method.


How to nourish, hydrate and repair your hair properly.

3 finishing methods for your hair

What's "finishing"?

Finish we call the process by which we prepare the hair before drying it, either naturally or with heat / cold through the dryer. That is, both the mechanical methods and the products that you put on your hair outside of the shower to style it, make up the “completion.”

But not all of us use something on our hair after conditioner. Many people prefer to leave it without products so that it stays “clean” longer.

We must clarify that the hair does not get dirty by leaving some products in it, in fact, these products protect it against environmental elements, such as UV rays, salts, wind, smog, etc.

Why do you need to style your hair?

When you do not use silicones, it is very common to see your hair damaged with just a little wind, salts, or UV rays. Even if you live in an area with high ambient humidity, you can see it reflected in your hair.

For that we must seal it with a product that hydrates it inside, so that environmental factors do not damage it. Finishing the hair is necessary to maintain its health, and protect it from external factors that can enter your strands and damage them in depth.

All hair types and patterns can be finalized, but the perfect product will need to be found after much trial and error, as it will depend on your pattern and type of porosity. We invite you to try the three main types of finishing, suitable for hair with curlers, wavy or straight.


It is the acronym for LeaveIn-Oil-Cream. The idea is to use these three products, always with the components of your choice, in order to establish a routine that achieves three things.

First, hydrate your hair with a light product that does not rinse (Leave In). Products based on vitamins or hair milk are ideal for this. Remember to use very little product, spread it on your hands and stroke your hair from the ends to the middle. Do not use product on the roots.

Second, using an oil or oil (always pure and natural) will allow you to seal the strands of your hair so that the hydration does not escape. Like the Leave In, you should use very little product so as not to leave the hair heavy or sticky.

Finally, we put a cream to give the hair a fresher appearance and finish sealing. Styling creams are ideal, but be careful not to have silicones, as they accumulate (you can learn more about how they work by reading our article “What are you putting in your hair?”).


It is also about placing three different products, always in low quantity, but this time in a different order.

Oil-Gel-Cream. But the oils that we will put in the first instance are not sealants, but nutritious. They will give our hair some nutrition before sealing it with a little gel. We will apply a small amount of both.

Finally, a bit of styling cream to seal and prepare the hair for styling, either by drying it with heat / cold or naturally.

This type of hair finish is ideal for hair with medium to high porosity, because it provides material that the hair loses with damage. If we use it on hair with low porosity, it will be heavy and shapeless.


Get to knoe the ingredients you need to look for or avoid in your shampoo.

Leave In

There are many women with straight and wavy hair who prefer to be more practical and do not have a lot of time to do their hair every day. So they prefer to choose a good product that is lightweight and gets the job done.

For that there are Leave In, which are light products in the form of a spray or milk that provide hydration or even reconstruction to the hair. It is easily applied with the applicator or the hands, always in ends and means.

It’s a quick and easy solution, and you just have to find the product that your hair LOVES.

Tell us in the comments if you use any of these methods, or another, and how they work for you!

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