If the stacks of papers in your office grow faster than they decrease, you do not have time for yourself, you spend it thinking about the next task, and things you can finish are not right… dear: defeat stress before he defeats you. And not to mention if it already went to your body.

Currently, most people lives with some degree of stress, whether strictly occupational or not. And of the working population, more than 30% suffer from HIGH levels of stress. We tell you how to beat him: you won’t be one of them 😉

1.- Detect stress

Are we really talking about stress? Do not forget to pay attention to the signals that we tell you about, and do not be alarmed if you find out one or two suits you. Stress is a combination of many of these signals together, and it is important to listen to co-workers or superiors when they point you to one of them.

-You feel tired and easily irritable.

-Reduce your ability to work.

-You show yourself undecided and usually with bad judgment.

-Body discomfort such as headache, nausea, dizziness or high blood pressure.

-Difficulty to sleep.

-Loss of sense of humor.

-Changes in work habits, work after hours or take work to your home (bad, bad, bad).

-Pressure in the chest or difficult breathing.

2.- Know stress

To defeat the enemy, you have to know exactly how it is, how it works. There are 4 main physiological reactions to stress:

-The activating reticular system, located near the brainstem, wakes up by alerting and sharpening the senses of sight and hearing. In general, you may feel more sensitive to light and noise.

-The blood is directed to the brain and large muscle groups, moving away from the limbs, skin, and organs that are not active at that time.

-The digestive and immune systems stop working. That is why stress begins to feel so easily in the body. Your defenses go down, you get sick more often, and digestive problems become common.

-The energy supplies of fatty and glucose compounds are released into the bloodstream. It is possible, among other things, to determine if a person suffers from stress due to their blood cortisol level.


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3.- Analyze it

Now that we know how it works, we must know our best and worst options, and for that it is essential to know the origin of our discomfort.

– Do you have too many work and personal goals, and delivery dates impossible to meet? Is it too much pressure for a human? Is there anyone who could do it?

– Or is that the goals are superfluous and you are worth more than your work? Are your skills not being used and do you feel inferior to who you really are? Are they underestimating your ability? Do your tasks bore you or are you too mechanical?

– Lack of control over work activities?

-Are your co-workers or any superior bothering you or harassing you? Or is it your boss who doesn’t let you make your work quiet with comments that devalue your task or pressure you for no reason?

-Are you in a job for which you don’t feel qualified enough? Do you strive to reach goals that you think are impossible?

– Does your work area deconcentrate and depress you because of the malfunction of the devices, the low light, the discomfort of your chair and the poor posture of your desk?

4.- Take advantage

We’re not going to win a war if we can’t take the trophy , right?

So let’s see: we know our enemy and we know how it works. Also where it comes from. We are ready to destroy it, but not before we take what works for us.

High levels of stress are harmful until death (literally). But some pressure puts us on alert and sharpens our senses, which can be beneficial at some point.

Think about it: does a small challenge not make you more competitive? Doesn’t it show yourself that you can do things you didn’t think you could do?

Now, take your tasks and organize them. Get rid of what does not work, do not bring results, is impossible to do or can delegate. Do not be selfish thinking that all these tasks are yours, you can distribute them and throw away the useless. You can help with these 5 techniques to increase your productivity.

You can also mechanize tasks, your complete agenda or even other areas of your life, so you don’t have to suffer from an overdose of continuous planning. It is very easy if you help yourself with apps to organize yourself. Your smartphone can do things for you that make your life easier.


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5.- Defeat the enemy

After using it as a small boost in your favor, you have to eliminate the remains of stress that harm you.

It’s not worth putting your health at stake for a stack of papers, right?

If you are worried about the large amount of work you have and are qualified to do so, it will be on your desk tomorrow.

If you are worried about making deadlines right, start managing your time in a smart way: use that pressure in your favor! Then, you can use time to relax and even plan a good vacation, work will not go anywhere, and you know it.

If your skills are not online, it may be best to consider a job change or position. Sure you can get something better with your skills (keep these tips in mind to get your dreamed job). Maybe even a new career, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing now.

In case the problem is with colleagues or your boss, try to solve it kindly. After all, the differences are rarely personal, and each one has a different vision and way of accomplishing the task and reaching the goals of the company.

And if you have already tried but it is not viable, cut the root of the relationship and put your health first. You didn’t read it from me, but sometimes it’s healthy send to hell who you need to 😉

Ready to go out to the battlefield?

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