Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter what new clothes, or how much makeup we wear: we don’t look like a celebrity, and it’s still a mystery how to look good as a real woman. But of course Photoshop and filters in real life are not that easy to reproduce.

But personal style and a good image cannot depend on filters, nor on clothing or makeup. It’s not about what you wear but HOW YOU WEAR IT. That is why you will find on this page tips to elevate your look, to do easy hairstyles and 10-minute makeups. That, among many other things.

This year we are going to start it by putting black on white. Being direct about the basics and easy tips for you to learn to take advantage of your silhouette, your personal style and the image you want to project.

5 tips to look good as a real woman

So, the main thing is to know which elements of a look are essential, and why. And this applies to all predefined and personal styles, and so do Hollywood stylists. Ready to take note and put it into practice?


This are the 5 stylists secrets you need to know.

1.- Basics + the touch

If you don’t have a well-defined style yet, you don’t know your personal style, or you don’t have a small budget available to reform your closet, don’t worry. Everything has a solution.

Basics are saviors, and they’re called basics for a reason, right? Don’t hesitate to build your wardrobe with these garments, and use shoes, handbags and other accessories to give your outfits the touch of personality that they need.

The same goes for colors and patterns. Make a large wardrobe of neutral colors (white, black, browns, neutral blue, neutral red, grays, beiges, tan), and have some strong clothes with personality: prints, bright colors, etc.

When you get dressed, make it easy. Choose a strong garment, and surround it with basic garments. Thus, if your idea is to shine in an animal print jacket, you can keep the rest of your outfit neutral and give prominence to the jacket. Do not hesitate to try this formula!

2.- Always accesorize

What I have heard from many women is crazy: I DO NOT USE ACCESSORIES.

Do not tell me! Don’t you wear bags, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, headbands, nothing at all? Not even a ring, handkerchief or belt?

We all have some kind of favorite accessory. It doesn’t mean you should LOAD yourself with accessories, just choose the right ones for you, in the right amount for your style.

There is no type of accessory or an adequate amount. Here, less is not more, and you shouldn’t put everything on and take one off before leaving the house. It’s about your rules, your style and your decision. Remember yo’re trying to look good as a real woman, so don’t stop being yourself in the process!

But the only rule is that there must always be something. At least one. And I will tell you why: Because otherwise you are a blank canvas walking down the street, which does not tell anyone who it is or how it should be approximated. And that is lack of communication or a life plan (or both).

Remember that your style is a tool to get closer to your goals, it is a cover letter that tells the world who you are, what matters to you and where you are going. Take advantage of that tool!

3.- The magic of colors

Do not think that always wearing all black you will be elegant.

Elegance is a matter of posture and personality, not colors.

Colors are one more tool that you must learn to use to highlight or hide areas or features of your body. And it is also important to find the right ones for you, those that make your skin shine and highlight your attributes, and not end up overshadowing them.

Finally, the color scheme is equally important. The easy combination between a color and black, or a color and white, is not the solution to the problem of the use of color. You must dare more, and know the options you have to reveal your personality and fully express yourself!

4.- Style is everything

It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. To look good as a real woman you don’t have to forget that your main capital is ATTITUD. So show it!

Have you heard that phrase? It could not be more true, and that is what the work of a stylist or image consultant is based on. Sometimes it’s about turning up a collar, rolling up a shirt or jean, adding a pair of heels or sneakers, or even choosing the right accessories, hair and makeup to complete a winning look.

So if you are a simple person, who is happy wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, PERFECT! Because there are thousands of ways to wear them and look amazing. Because it’s not about what you wear. It’s all about the perfect cut for your body type, and surrounding it with the right things to form your unique style.

5.- Contrasts

Contrasts are a good way to find that unique style that represents you. We all have contradictions, or complements that highlight each other.

That is why black and white are the most used combination pair in the world. So if you like a good pair of ripped jeans with heels, GO!

A rock print with a suit, why not? A party dress with a denim jacket, YES!

Dare to incorporate something unexpected in your outfit and you will see that the result will be amazing, and will reflect your personality.

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