To achieve a good makeup is essential to start with the basics. Sure, what usually attracts the attention of a good makeup is the technique or the colors (most visible in the final result). But at the end of the day, we can’t highlight what we don’t know. That’s why it’s essential that you know what face shape you have.


After that, it all begins with the preparation of the skin. Keeping her radiant is not possible without a good day routine and night routine. And when applying makeup, highlighting that beauty is not so difficult, but a false step can easily ruin everything.



If you’ve heard about contouring, baking, strobing, or just concealers, blushes and bronzers, you should definitely know that it’s essential to apply them all according your face shape. Even your eyebrows depend on it!


Now, if you’re asking yourself what formula should you follow to know your face type… Well, ther’e none. If there were any! But no, it’s a matter of watching, or taking a picture and starting to draw shapes on it to see how it goes.


Fortunately, we bring you a guide to the most distinctive elements of each face shapes, so that you won’t doubt about yours.


It’s very easy to know if you have this kind of face. The length and width is practically the same (can vary in two or three cm). The widest part is in the cheekbones instead of the eyes.



To find out if you have this type of face, we challenge you to take a picture with the hair up


Measure the width and length and… you know it!


The square face carries a rather straight line of hair.

In addition, it has a prominent and angular jaw, which highlights its sides more than the Chin.

The square face tends to keep the same width on the forehead and jaw, making it very easy to Distinguish. Also in that line are the Cheekbones.

If you have these features, then your face shape is square!


The heart-shaped face carries a line of hair that draws a “beak” in the middle part. The forehead area is slightly (or markedly) wider than the JAW.

The chin tends to be sharpened, pointed.

It may or might not have prominent and marked cheekbones, although the shape does not blur if it does Not.

If you are characterised by these elements, this is your face shape!


Here's some Instagram hairstyles perfects for any face shape.


They say out there that this is the perfect face shape. Slightly oval, the forehead area is barely wider than the jaw, and the hairline is semicircular. Cheekbones that highlight but without becoming protagonists.


The widest part of the face is that of the eyes. Your jaw is not angular and not too round.


If you have these characteristics, you have an oval face.  


This is an angular face, with very marked features, and is the rarest type to find (
diamonds are something exclusive where you look at them).

In this type of face, the jaw is markedly angular, with a pointed chin. The forehead area is narrower than the eyes and tends to wear a line of hair briefly straight at the top, and then enter to the side of the eyes.

The cheekbones protrude quite a bit, but they are not wider than the eye area.

Is that your kind of face? Wow, you must be one of thousands!


The oblong face shares many features with the Oval. It has no angled jaw, and the hairline is semicircular.

but, Unlike this one, the chin tends to be longer or protrude.

In addition, the cheekbones are lost a little in the structure of the face, so the contour lines are softer.

Does your face look exactly like that? You’ve found your favorite shape!

I’m sure you know your face shape. And you’ve seen that all shapes are beautiful, right? So, what’s yours?
Face shape
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