Overalls, jumpsuits or gardeners. It doesn’t really matter how do you call it. For sure, is one of the IT garments of the season, no doubt out of the streetstyles more than the runway.

But, as with jeans, you have to find the perfect cut to make it work. So if you plan to take out this item in this season, we advise you to invest in one that really makes you highlight the best of your body.

1.- Find the perfect Overalls


If you already know the shape of your body, it is easy to follow the rules to balance proportions. So we show you how to find the perfect overall for your figure.


You can also find the perfect LBD for your bodytype.

2.-Adjust overalls to your style

What is an IT-piece if you can not maneuver it to your style? It’s about using some fashionable pieces in your favor, so once you know which is the perfect shape for your overall, you should make it your own way.

Are you punk, classic, modern, rocker, sophisticated, sexy? The good thing about denim is that it can be adapted to absolutely everything. We give you some styling ideas to keep in mind. Also remember that everything is good as long as it is balanced: if you are going to use a distressed do not hesitate to combine it with something romantic or girly, note that the contrast is always a good key to an unforgettable outfit, both in colors and styles.

Don’t forget that everything depends also on the occasion and the time of the day you intend to use it, these ideas are guides that you can take or leave according to your own dynamic of dressing and living.

3.- Inspire yourself to shine!

Now you know the type of overalls that fits your body perfectly, and how to set it in your style. 

If you still can’t find a way to use them by expressing your personality, look at how this  IT-girls around the world and the most important brands make the overalls a fantastic stylish garment, and inspire yourself!

4.- Check out for our favourites ones!

If you still haven’t got your own, we give our wish list for you to find the best option. Check it out!

Logobeing Jumpsuit
Anna Kaci denim jumpsuit
StyleDome jumpsuit
Missmao denim overall
Cotton jumpsuit by Yoins
Levi's Baggy overall
Pepe Jeans
Overall by Pepe Jeans
Billabong overall
Oodji Ultra
Skirt overall Oodji Ultra
Keephen short jumpsuit
So, if you have any saved unused, or pretend to buy one to take advantage of it this summer, or doubt it! There’ll be jumpsuits everywhere!
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