Yes, at last the half-season came and we got rid of the cold. Although it probably does not cause us so much grace to have to change wardrobes, which mutates from winter to summer as ostensibly as the change of climate.

But you can get 5 basics of summer, we tell you how to get the most out of the game and not go crazy buying clothes that probably only serve you once in the whole season. After all, you don’t want to spoil your organized closet.

1.- Tanks

Perhaps, at first sight they are the most effective weapon against heat, and the most versatile. But a good cardigan can save you from a day that goes from cold to heat as if nothing. 

They are also ideal for use under a loose sweater, and for both informal and office days. The good news is that they don’t take any large place in your closet! Yes, you can leave one of each color if you want!

Tank - summer basic in autumn

If you wanna see our favourite tanks online, take a look!

Neutral tank
Paillettes tank
White tank
White tank
Black lace tank

2.- Skirts

Now you can get confidence with skirts, they are the perfect garment to use in fall.

On days of warmth, alone, and on cooler days, with stockings, sweaters, scarves on the neck, the possibilities are endless. If you have any neutral color, it will be a big wild-card. Remember that you can always use them like a revolutionary act (we are so in favor of that, have you read about it?)

skirts - summer basics in autumn

If you’re looking for a new skirt, try one of this!

Maxiskirt in black
Boho skirt
Straight skirt
Straight skirt

3.- Blazers

We know they are a light coat for the warmth of summer where you must necessarily look professional. 

In fall, on the other hand, it can officiate as a cardigan, without needing to remove it inside the office, and pulling above a coat to go out to the street if the weather gets too cold.

blazer - summer basics in autumn

We found the best blazers online, take a look!

Tailored blazer
80's blazer


This are the clothes you can use ALL YEAR LONG.

4.- Shorts

Like skirts, but a little bit more comfort. Shorts are a MUST of the Preppy style in fall.  Even those, all embroideries or embellished that will be the topic trend of any place where you go. So by adding some pattern tighs you could combine it with a white basic shirt and it would be enough to be the Queen of the Night.  Combine with booties for a chic look 😉
Básicos de verano

This are our favourites right now!

Paillettes shorts
Chloe shorts
Chloé shorts
Sailor shorts
Sailor shorts

5.- Monos

Take advantage of the most enjoyable days to wear with a blazer or cargidan on top. So it will be easy and fast to be presentable in the office. 

The key to make them look more formal will be in the purse and the shoes. 


monos - summer basics in autumn

Look at our chosen ones in the internet!

Skinny jumpsuit
Black wideleg overall
straight leg overall
Straight leg overall

So instead of going crazy changing the wardrobe, we only propose to change the way you use it to incorporate some pieces of the new season. Do you have any other clothes that you can play with in half a season?

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