We all have our predilect shape in skirts depending on the bodytype we have. I’m sure you’ve felt insecure with the wrong skirt shape. No more! 

In this note we tell you how to detect the perfect skirt for you, and the best options to buy skirts that last a lifetime.

1.-How to find the perfect skirt

Before you find the perfect skirt you must know your body shape. Haven’t you find out yet? That’s easy to solve! 


If your hips are wider than your shoulders, welcome to the Triangles Club!

The good news is that with a little volume up everything is solved. But there’s a kind of skirt that will always look good on you.

Straight skirts or with a slight evase are ideal, because they do not highlight your hips and even if you don’t wear something voluminous on the top, the skirt does the work.

We show you the best options to get yours online:

Oodji recta con bolsillos
Straight skirt from Oodji Ultra
Moncler A skirt
Oodji falda recta print
Oodji Ultra straight miniskirt
Moollyfox skirt with belt

Ready to put it all toghether? Here are three examples of styling with this type of skirts. But the sky is the limit, use them in your own style!

Inverted triangle

As you can imagine, the inverted triangle is the body shape that defines those with shoulders wider than the hips.

This body shape is also called “athletic”, as it has a strong and defined back, and lighter legs.

The inverted triangle finds its balance when we put volume in the lower part, creating more hip or highlighting it.

Yes, that means they’re the gracefuls who can wear those beautiful, broad skirts. Tutus, skaters, skirts with frills, or any other that puts volume or emphasis. A good skirt of pallets with a black T-shirt, or some flashy print also do the work.

We show you our best findings on the web.

Urban Goco
Urban GoCo A line skirt
LHWY A skirt
Oodji Ultra A skirt
Feoya tulle skirt

You can inspire yourself with our styling sets to adapt this type of skirts to your look.


How to find out the perfect LBD for your bodytype.


In some bodies, the width of shoulders, waist and hips are slightly variable, so in general a straight line is seen from the shoulders to the hips.

If that’s your case, the shape of your body is rectangle. And it’s very easy to dress as we have two choices for a change. Either you mark a waist to create the hourglass shape, or you add volume on top of it as well as below.

As for the skirts, it is important to emphasize or to create the curve of the hip, to belt the waist and the knees. A drapery in the pelvis area will always be welcome, make it curvy girl!

These are our chosen ones for this type of body.

Pencil skirt
Urban Goco Pencil Skirt
Oodji Ultra
Oodji Ultra wraped mini skirt
Find skirt
Find pencil skirt
bodycon Kate Kasin
Kate Kasin bodycon skirt
Midi skirt
Lrud midi skirt
Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant wraped skirt

Remember that a pencil skirt with a ruffle that creates hip is also a good idea. We leave you examples of styles that you can achieve with this kind of skirt.


The rhomboid body has a very distinctive feature of the circular, which we will see below.

Shoulders and hips of this body shape are remarkably narrower than the waist. The difference is the pronounced angle that takes the waist in relation to the ends of the torso.

The secret to dressing it up is very similar to the rectangle body: We mark the waist, and we add volume up and down, all toghether. This way, we invert the curves and transform it into a hourglass.

Look at our chosen ones!

Quje leather skirt
Quge leather skirt
falda Challeng
Challeng skirt
Oodji Ultra
Oodji Ultra textured skirt
SCFL tulle skirt

You can see ideas of how to wear them on these sets.


5 clothes you can use all year long. Skirts included.


As we told before, the circles and rhombuses share a wider waist than shoulders and hips. But in particular, the circle shape has rounded shoulders and hips, slightly narrower than the waist. There’s no angle like in the rhomboid body.

The most used way to dress this type of body, is showing shoulders and legs (the skin always lightens and caught more attention). Or creating volume at the ends of the torso, to highlight or create a waist.

In a matter of skirts, the circle is easily compensated with openings below, straight lines from the hip, high waists or skirts with girdles included (wide waistlines). Even a maxi skirt will stylish the figure and make it longer creating a high waist.

Look at our picks in the internet.

Carinacoco maxiskirt
Miu Miu
Miu Miu midi leather skirt
Ghemdilmn midi skirt
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent maxiskirt

You can see our styling ideas for this type of skirts right here:

2.- Inspire yourself!

Now, darling! You’re ready to look for ideas on how to use your perfect skirt. 

And what better to inspire you than to see how the fashionistas around the world do it.

These are the best looks of streetstyle in terms of skirts.

Ready to go out with your perfect skirt? Tell us which one you chose and how you wear it!
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