Raise your hand who has not had–sometime–doubts about the shape of your eyebrows. We knew it, this note is for you. Sure you have an idea of what the perfect eyebrows would be but… Are you considering your face shape? Here we show you exactly which shape would look better on you.

It Is essential that you know, first of all, what is the shape of your face. Of that will depend the structure of your eyebrows, which are the framework of your face and eyes.

Round face

Always remember that in fashion and aesthetics is all a matter of balance. 

So If your face is round, your eyebrows must be angled. Depending on the size of your eyes and their separation, they can be more or less angled, and it will also depend on your personality. 

If you have a vibrant and overwhelming personality, you will surely feel more comfortable with eyebrows well angled, while if you are calm and relaxed you probably have better eyebrows with a soft angle (but angle at the end). 

What you must avoid at all costs is two types of eyebrows: the straights, which will give greater horizontality to your face; and the round, which will highlight the curves of the frame of your face.

Rectangular Face

And as it’s all about balance, you’ll probably guess what your eyebrows should look like if you have a rectangular face. 

You Have to break the horizontal and vertical lines so perfect eyebrows would be angled. They define oblique lines that give movement to the face and take your look to the next level, taking care of the jaw. 

Also, you can use a rounded eyebrows, make sure it goes with your style.

Avoid straight eyebrows, as they will further pronounce your strong traits by creating an imbalance.


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Heartshape face

Slightly rounded eyebrows are ideal for this type of face. They Give softness to the lines that mark the jaw and at the same time do not widen too much the forehead, which is usually pronounced.

Be careful not to round too much: we don’t want to look like departures from a Gatsby party. Avoid angled eyebrows, which would only mark the chin more. 

You should also run away from straight eyebrows that would widen your forehead by pronouncing the shape of the face.

Oblong face

And if verticality predominates, you know what to expect: The Oval face has the best option for straight eyebrows. 

They Allow to give dynamism to the frame of the face breaking optically with the vertical diagram, and relaxes the gaze. They Also shorten the face. 

Avoid the eyebrows very angled at all costs, do not want to continue adding verticality. Also you must run away from the round eyebrows, which would accentuate the shape of the chin and forehead.


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Oval face shape

The so-called perfect face… Of course you can use any kind of eyebrows! 

Try to go with the shape and size of your eyes: If they are big, do not use them too thin, and if they are hooded use eyebrows angled to look up. Remember, it’s all a matter of balance. 

Also keep in mind your personality and what kind of shapes you feel more comfortable: if you have a strong personality you can opt for angled eyebrows, an S shape or straights, but a rounded eyebrows will give you a look too soft.  

You can have fun trying with a picture of yourself on your smartphone or on the computer. There are many apps that allow you to try different types of eyebrows, or you can do it old-fashioned: erase your eyebrows with an image editor and try different alternatives!

So, ready to give the right shape to your eyebrows? Exploit the full potential of your face and tell us how it goes! 

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