In some strange way, the seasonal changes ask us to renew energies. Looking at the last quarter of the year, fatigue is replaced with hope if you manage to reinvent yourself. I know, proximity to vacations plays an important role too. 

But the key is energy.

That is why we’re going to focus on acquiring and conserving it throughout the whole month, while we continue to learn to develop our full potential and spoil ourselves a little.

All this, keeping in mind these 5 tips, that will serve you when you need to renew energies.

1.- Have a moment dedicated to you. It is a good habit to set aside a moment exclusively for you. Sometimes between work, your couple, the house and the children, it may seem that there is no time. But surely you can organize everything so that one afternoon the children play with friends or see the grandparents, and you can spend a few hours just by yourself. Remember that everything starts with you, if you are not well it is normal that you do not come to perform with all your obligations. 

So you can spend just a few hours doing something you like and renews your spirit: hair or skin care, going out with friends, watching a movie with chocolates or even taking a long bubble bath. Even taking lessons about something you like counts! Make sure you do it once a week, that keeps your anxiety away.

2.- Do not occupy your time in things that do not bring you any benefit. Gossip, criticism, anything with bad energy that doesn’t build you, takes away your time and energy. Get rid of everything that does not help you: do not listen to comments from toxic people, or stop to comment on someone else if it’s not constructive.

3.- Get inspired by other people. Have you heard that saying that says: “If you join two geniuses, you will be the third. If you get together with two useless, guess who will be the third?” Well, it works, tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are. Meet other people who have your same aspirations and similar dreams. Share the tour, lean on them. It is important to have an enviroment that accompanies your goals. That always keeps you positive and it’s fun to meet new people!

4.- Keep trying new things. New looks, makeup, hair styles. New ways of organizing, new meals, new hobbies, new places to visit. The routines are good, but within them you can have an interesting variation that does not let you fall asleep on the laurels. That way your energy will be renewed a little every day, avoiding falling into the excessive and boring routine that we usually complain about.

5.- Be grateful. It is important that you keep a positive look on things: do not see what you do not have, rather be grateful for what you have. It is important not to complain about everything and, on the contrary, to learn to appreciate the little things that we take for granted every day, and that many people do not have the opportunity to have.

Now, are you ready to renew energies and keep focusing on finding an image that will accompany you to success?

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