Finding the colors that best suit you is vital, and it all begins with your skin undertone. Almost literally, one color can make you look lively and jovial, while others highlight dark circles, blemishes, and make you look practically like a zombie.

Don’t be scared, I think you know what we’re talking about.

So it is essential, first of all, to know your skin undertone. The skin undertone is the hue that underlies our complexion, whatever color it is. There are light, medium and dark skins with each of the undertones: cold or warm. There are also skins with a neutral undertone.

Let’s see which one is yours. There are several ways to achieve this, but you must make sure to do each of the tests and record the result for that particular test. Only then, with all the resoluts in your hands, can you safely define your skin undertone. Ready?

How to find out your skin undertone

1.- The vein test

Look at the veins of your wrist in the internal area: are they green or blue? Look at them under natural light, not cold or artificial warm light.

If they are green, their skin undertone is warm. On the other hand, if they are bluish, you have a cold undertone. If you have both or neither, you probably have a neutral undertone.

But don’t just stick with what this test says! The tests are not 100% accurate, so you should write down the result and continue with the rest.

2.- Jewerly test

Find a good amount of jewelry in both gold and silver.

Do you remember the words of Coco Chanel, when she said “Put on all the jewelry you want and before going out take one off?” Well, you don’t have to take it off for this test.

Use all the gold jewels you find and take a picture, no matter if you feel like in the 1800s full of jewels. And do the same with the silver ones.

What shade suits you best? Which one highlights your features, skin and illuminates you the most? Write down the answer. If you think both suit you, or neither, write it down as well. It is a valid answer.


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3.- Fabric test

But that is not all. Now grab a pink fabric and an orange one. They can be clothes, just don’t put them on.

In front of the mirror, place them next to your face and analyze if each one highlights your flaws more or if it makes your skin look radiant and luminous.

Record the answer for each color. Pink: Luminous or Defective. Orange: Bright or faulty. Do not be scared if you think that both illuminate you or highlight your flaws, it can happen. Just write down the answer for each color.

4.- The white balance test

Hold a white garment (pure white and not off-white) close to your face, or a clean piece of paper.

Analyze: Does your skin tend to pink or yellow tones? Try to have neutral backgrounds, you can take a picture to analyze it more closely. Make sure the light is neutral (neither cold nor warm). To achieve this, you can have the artificial light on and also stand near a window.

Write down the answer.


If you have a majority of responses in gold, yellow, or orange, your undertone is warm. On the contrary, if you have a majority of responses in pink and silver, your undertone is cold.

If most of your answers are both, you are a neutral undertone. You might also consider yourself to have a neutral undertone if you scored equally on warm and cold.

Finally, you can ask a friend for help if you have doubts, since there are people who detect warm or cold pigments with the naked eye. Or you can send us two photographs (one with each light) to our email, [email protected]. We will be happy to help you.

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