Of all the things and people around you, you can only bet to put your hands in the fire for yourself. That’s how important you are. So if lately you’re doubting your capabilities or potential, we give you 10 tips to help you increase your self-esteem, and remember who’s in charge.

1.- Stop comparing yourself

It is important that you have in mind that you are unique, and that you need to be. 

No one is the measure of your own self, no one can tell you or make you think you are so or not good enough.  

So there are no rules, as you are okay, and no one else matters. Compared to other people makes no sense in any area, we all live different realities.

2.- Don't let anyone define you

What your friends or family expect from you is not important.  

It is, in any case, their problem.  

The important thing is that you become the person you always wanted to be. Do not hesitate for a second that your instincts and decisions are worthwhile.  

Tomorrow when you realize who you are, you’re going to be responsible for your choices, not for the expectations of others.

3.- Set personal goals

The idea of progress implies moving forward, advancing.  If there are some issues that you did not conquer, make a realistic plan to achieve those goals. 

Having goals drives us to grow, and doing so in aspects that interest us or passionate is an extra priceless. In addition, it forces us to leave the anxiety aside and get to work. 

Keep in mind that these goals should follow the SMART standard. That is, they must be specific (no vagueness), measurable (otherwise you will not know if you go forward or backward) and achievable (it must be possible, or we will live frustration in frustration).  

They must also be realistic according to our current position (they will obviously involve effort, but it must be an effort within this world).  

Finally they must be established within a certain time. If you don’t set a deadline, you will not be able to encourage yourself to fulfill it. A little pressure can be good.


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4.- Do something you love

Taking time for your hobbies will expand your horizons and allow you to cope with stress.  

Besides, when you have a passion you enjoy life much more 😉

5.- Make some time for youself

This can be a good passion as well. Yourself.  

Once a week, send your boyfriend to fish with friends and turn your home into a spa. Relax, make yourself a mask, dive bath, and enjoy good music. 

Seeing your skin and hands glowing can raise your self-esteem in ways youy can’t imagine. Wait to get all those compliments 😉

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6.- Smile

People are a mirror.  Give them a smile and they’ll smile back. 

But if they don’t, having smiled puts you on a pedestal.  

Smiling will often make you feel positive, and will spread to a whole new attitude. And if you do not get it naturally, you know: “Fake it ‘ til You Make it”.


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7.- Take care of your posture

Sit right, shoulders aligned, head to front… 

A good posture says a lot about us.  But above all, it makes us feel at the height of others, above or below.  

The posture reflects how we feel about ourselves. 

If you do not feel as good to show security, it is time to reach out to the great saying that we mentioned in the previous point.

8.- Invest in your image

It’s not about buying clothes or spending a lot of money on the stylist.  

It’s about investing, yes, on things that make you feel good (and look good). But above all, investing time.  

Take your time to plan your outfits, your makeup, and your hairstyle. A casual look can be great for a weekend, but being all dressed up will elevate your self-esteem in an great way.  

And, besides, it’s fun.

9.-Change: The fastest way to increase your self-esteem

When you get tired of your hairstyle or always wearing the same makeup, change them.

 A makeover is always a good idea.  

Learning new makeup or hairstyles tricks stimulates you to try different things. And… You never know which one you’ll like best. You may find that you’re beautiful in more ways than you think.

10.-Take care of your body

Exercising and resting well are indispensable.

Create endorphins, and reset your entire system. In addition, it fights stress effectively.

Do not remove your body from the ability to produce the hormones and substances needed to regulate its functions.

Hands to work! Tell me what other tips helped you to increase your self-esteem.

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