You may need professional help every once in a while. It’s irresistible going to a party with a spectacular nail art. Even if you use gel or acrylic construction, you need your manicure done once a month. But, definitely, the hand care at home can be solved with these 4 steps, and make a big difference.

Exfoliate: Essential for hand care

There is no need for special scrubs (although if you have it, welcome!). You can do it with natural products that you have in the kitchen for sure. It just takes a little imagination. Sugar and cream. Sugar, honey and milk. Ground oats and milk. Rice flour and aloe. There are many combinations to try. The skin of the hands is more tanned than the face, but you have to be gentle in the massage and try not to hurt especially the area of the cuticles and around the nails.

When you choose your exfoliation formula, keep in mind that you should always have a product that acts as an exfoliator (sugar, oats, rice flour) and another that helps moisturize (milk, Honey, aloe vera). This way, while cleaning the skin of dead particles and accumulated dirt, is also hydrating thoroughly.

Moisturizing: Not only a matter of creams

Important! Moisturizing your hands is key to keep your skin healthy and looking young for many years! Also, keep in mind that the hands are your introduction in the business world, and the link with ones that you care and love the most. They are, besides those that support to seize, to handle, and to stop many things. So a mime is not bad at all.

How can you hydrate your hands? A good cream! Every time you wash your hands, hidrate them. If you work with paper, we invite you to put more emphasis! But you can also moisturize with masks, with pure liquid glycerin, or by washing them with soaps based on glycerin or cream. That makes a big difference in the care of your hands!


That's how you take care of your sculpted nails to make them last longer.

File: Never cut

Never cut your fingernails. If you keep them built with acrylic or gel leave this to your manicure. But, if you make your hands at home, every week you have to file them to shape them. And, if you have the misfortune of being cracked at some point, proceed to match them with a file, and never with the scissors or pliers. These tools exert a pressure on the nail (which has a natural curvature) in an irregular way. If the pressure is incorrect, you can splinter them and cause future cracks. You better go safe and grab the file.

Cuticles: The key to tidiness

The care of the cuticles is, sure, the hardest subject to solve at home. 

To begin, you should never cut them, for you could provoke the so unwanted and feared hangnails. The cuticles will be push aside, “embossing” with an orange stick. Slowly and previously smoothed. You can immerse your hands in water with a few drops of essential oil to achieve a mild nutrition before attempting to push them. 5 to 10 minutes will be fine (seems a short time, but becomes a lot when you are restless and unable to use your phone).

Then ,with the orange stick you push smoothly. It’s very important to nourish them at the end. The cuticles protect the growth of the nails, so if you keep them nourished your fingernails will grow strong and fast. Placing cuticle oil twice a day will give you incredible results. Coconut, olive or jojoba oils are also very beneficial, and easier to obtain.

We invite you to implement these 4 steps in your routine, the difference you make in hand care is noticeable just in a few days! Do you dare?

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