As you know (and as we expressed earlier), only a day routine is not enough to take care of your face skin. That’s why we also bring you a night routine, so you can complement the care of your skin and achieve the ideal balance.


And, so you can start with both routines today (if you don’t already have routines predisposed by a dermatologist with specific products), let’s do it quickly and easily: here, our basic night routine of only 5 steps, forgetfulproof.


1.-Remove Makeup

If you wear makeup during the day, the ideal thing is to take it out at night so the skin can breathe. It is important that you remove it for many reasons, and forget it is not an option.


Makeup acts as a skin protector during the day: it forms a thin layer on the skin that tackles smog, bacteria, germs and dirt from the environment that – otherwise – would have contact with the skin. If you fall asleep with that, all that dirt will stay on your pillow, getting into your skin and your hair over and over again.



Conclusion: dirty hair and skin absorbing dirt that can end up in rashes and pimples.



That’s why it’s important that you use a good biphasic remover for eyes and lip (if it’s matte, long lasting or non-transferable). Don’t worry if you have oily skin, the biphasic oil won’t stay there.



The second step is the cleaning of the skin. A cleansing milk or a cleaning soap will do the job.


You must apply in circles in a gentle way (always gentle on the face).


If it’s a soap you can apply them with the fingertips, because the sulfate they contain will not allow any germ or bacteria in the hands to pass to your face. Sulphates destroy everything.


If it’s a cleansing milk without sulfates, we recommend to apply it also in circles but with a cotton. Since it doesn’t have sulfates, this mechanical movement and the texture of the cotton will help to sweep with all the impurities. (Trust us on this one)



This step you know: Just remove the leftovers from the milk or soap.

Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, and try to keep it cool. Hot or warm water can irritate your skin when you are using strong sulfates or chemicals to sweep away impurities. Also, think that the hot water opens your pores, and that you’re moving germs and bacteria that can get into and wreak havoc.

So you know, a lot of cold water to get the product leftovers. Do not dry it with a towel, but naturally. Enjoy the air.

Remember that the towel – by the type of fabric that’s made of – can store dirt from the environment and mites or other germs. You don’t want all that back in your face if you just cleaned it up, right?


Have you seen this day-routine to complete?

4.-Topics or tonics

This is the time to apply your treatments if you use them: Eye contour, whitening, topics, salicylic acid, vitamin C. 

What you need will work better with clean skin and without any kind of waste. 

Apply as directed by the doctor or the instructions of use, and let it fully absorb before proceeding to the next step. Try not to touch your skin in the process, and do not use your hands for anything else while waiting for the skin to absorb your products. We repeat: do not use your hands for anytging else.

If you don’t use any topic you can use tonic if your skin type needs it. Beware of choosing one at random, because it can make disasters and dry your skin too much or grease it and cause acne. 

If you’re not sure about using something chemical, you can always try with green tea. Prepare well loaded and use it cold: decongests the skin, is a strong antioxidant and sweep impurities, in addition to being dryer for acne but without attacking dry skin.

5.- Moisturizing Cream

Last step: A good moisturizing cream (if you have oily to mixed skin) or moisturizing (if you have dry skin), or both (if you have normal skin).

It is important that you choose the right cream for your skin type and needs, as it will absorb and stay with it ALL NIGHT. If it’s not indicated, it could cause an imbalance in the self-regulation that your skin do at night.

So, there you have it: 5 steps for an easy and quick routine, you can make and go to sleep quietly, and it will not take you longer than 5 minutes. Ready to try it?

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