I get it. You get up thinking about a thousand things to organize your day, and you can’t forget. You wash your face, your teeth, and eat breakfast if you’re lucky enough. Then you run off to work. Aren’t you forgetting something? Skin care is essential! So a day routine is basic for you if you wanna take care of your face.

“Well,” You’ll tell me, “Maybe I’ll do it on time and get my makeup on the road… Or maybe i could be ok just with a lip gloss.”

Or maybe you get your makeup at home with all the time in the world, straight after washing your face.


That’s not the idea.

The idea is to take care of your skin with a daily routine and another one at night. That make it look fresh and luminous, yes, but also takes care of the most extensive organ of your body, which tackles all bullets by other organs. The one that touches the outside world.

First things first. Let’s start with a simple day routine that you can easily follow without falling into the temptation to leave for lack of time, forgetfulness, little sleep, etc.-


1.- Water and soap

This you know: Water and soap (preferably based on creams or glycerin, always liquid).


The towels are hanging in your bathroom, right? It’s the part of the house that has the most “traffic” of bacteria, right? And would you pass it over your face, which you have just finished cleaning and unpolluted? NO WAY!

Let it dry naturally, will give you a few seconds of clearing and you avoid getting dirty again.

2.- Tonic or astringent

Only for oily-mixed skin that has indicated: This is the time to put your tonic or astringent.

With clean skin and without impurities, so they can penetrate well and worth the treatment.

If you do not have it indicated or your skin type does not need it, DO NOT USE IT. You can cause an imbalance in the skin if you add chemicals that are not necessary.


Need a night routine? Complete your facecare with this one!

3.- Topics

If you use topical and/or eye contour, apply them now. On the skin without additives will work perfectly.

4.- Time to moisturize

Apply light Moisturizing cream, and above a sunscreen. If you have any product that combines both, bingo!

5.- Ready to go!

Now makeup! And even if you don’t, your skin is ready to face the day!

Remember that just a day routine is not enough to take good care of your skin. We’ll bring you a night routine to complete.

Is your routine different? Tell me!

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