Aren’t you tired of losing at least half an hour or 40 minutes each day trying out garments that are going to be thrown -one after another- in your room? Are you one of those who always wear the same thing? Have you ever wondered how to organize yourself not to waste time during the week and maximize your productivity? Yay! Have your closet ready for the week and sleep 30 more minutes (Sorry, that’s what i’d do)

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Although many won’t believe it, the way you see yourself is psychologically conditioned to feel that you don’t go ahead. It makes you feel like you’re always stuck in the same place. That explains the power of the makeovers. So, if you’re going to start the week in a very energetic and different way, the first thing we have to review is how you use what you have in your wardrobe.

Every Sunday I open a tab in my browser and look for the weather for the whole week. That way I’ll know in advance what I’m facing out there. Then I go to my closet and choose probable garments for each day, all of them different but representative of my person, and functional to the plans of the day. On Monday I always wear comfortable shoes because I have to travel a lot. Fridays are more comfortable to wear skirts. Every day will have its peculiarity, according to the tasks that must be fulfilled. I’m sure it’s the same in your case.

At first I only prepared an outfit for Monday and left it separate from the rest of the garments. The moult of Tuesday would see it Monday night, Wednesday’s Tuesday night, etc. Soon the routine made me come home wanting to lay on the bed and nothing else. So the second day went back to the massive loss of time.

But, fortunately, I identified several ways to anticipatmy outfits every day since Sunday. And not just looking at the weather, but making a special section in my closet. That way i achieve two things: it saved me time, and it kept my mood. Because that test pledge after garment and feel that I’m going crazy deciding, not my thing. It’s not a thing about any woman who really values her time.


Solve your office attire once and for all.

The key is visual help

The bar separators are great, if you use them on hangers or fixed on the hanger. You can even have a good time doing crafts. But there’s also the possibility to allocate 5 shelves of your closet to the days of the week. You dedicate one to each day and you name them. It’s only left to bend the corresponding moult. Or you could make a circular hanger in some empty corner and put five hangers on it. Finally, if the only space to fill you have is the top of your closet, locate five square organizers. You can set them with different colors and labels with the days of the week.


You can make your own separators with CDs!
On Monday, when you get up, it’ll be all settled, and you’ve saved yourself almost an hour of indecision and bad mood by day. Oh, and remember! On wednesdays….

Any other ideas to organize your clothes for the whole week?

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