Have you started the year stomping? Don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground! Especially if the idea is to get to the top.

Well, you can call it human ego or whatever, but we all like to leave a mark. Whether it’s in the lives of our friends and family, at work, or in the place where we study. Footprints in our own way, and according to what we care about the most.

And that desire to be a good influence on those around us can be very powerful, although sometimes it seems egocentric. Without a doubt, we women are to make a mark.

She can go stomping, and also you can...

How many times have we come across a confident woman in her 11 cm high heels, a spectacular cover-up, professional makeup and impeccable hairstyle?

What’s the first thing we feel? Envy? No, you want to be like her.

Impecable, self-confident, sweeping. It’s just an incentive to become our best self.

And how many times are we going out in the street prepared with care and with all the self-confidence, but we crossed a “little too busy to  friend? Wouldn’t we want to spread it a little? Serve as a challenge?

That’s what it’s all about, incentive. That greatness is helping others, and not stepping on them. It is clear that the paradigm is changing there as well: the leadership model in the world is no longer that of “scourge”, but to shake hands. Help to grow, to be better. Develop our potential and help others to do the same. That makes us better.


This is how fashion paradigm is changing.

I like to think that a woman is a naturally giver. It’s not hard to do, you keep nothing.

We were born to give, and that’s wonderful. But we must know when to be equally generous with ourselves, because as we have said before, it all begins on us.

And it’s not just to pretend to be a lioness, but to work for it. Organize and automate from the most trivial to the most complex, to have time for what really matters.

Ready to feel like getting better every day? Put your standards and goals high because here we go!

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