It’ll come Friday night and you probably think it’s been a long week, but when you review all the solved issues you realize that, in the midst of so much adrenaline and going from here to there, some detail slipped away. A personal assistant might be useful and, of course, not everyone hires an assistant for himself.

This month we promised to give you tips to become the Wonder Woman, and even if we have no magic ties or incredible belts, we do have a smartphone to take the most of it. So the solution is at your fingertips. Literally.

Haven’t you discovered that your cell phone has the potential of a robot? Take notes, we show you 5 apps that will help you solve your work and personal week. And all for FREE!


It is, of course, one of the most downloaded apps across the planet. It allows you to create and edit notes with reminders, synchronize with your work computer, communicate with colleagues and increase your productivity.

If you have many tasks to perform, Evernote will help you with listings and reminders to deliver them before the deadline. It’s a little personal assistant, in your hands.


Going crazy with dinner tonight? Do not waste time thinking about something varied and rich for the whole family to like, avoiding always the same option.

Now you can plan your meals ahead of time, without breaking your brain several hours a week or rushing to grocery shop.

This app allows you to have the recipe ready, vary every day without boring the family, and leaves you in a tray the shopping list. So nothing could be missing, for the number of days you want to set up.


Here's some 15 minutes workouts you can try at home!


Nike Trainning Club is a complete fitness app that works as a personal trainer.

You have music, established routines to tone, lose weight or train you. You can set the purpose of the training to prepare for a competition, and you can also synchronize with many sports. These are just some of their benefits. 

In addition, the app registers your progress and works with reminders and encouragement so you don’t give up!


Do you work in design or it’s easier for you to write manually and draw? 

This app is ideal for your iPad. It allows you to create different folders to save your projects and retake them later, so you can capture your brainstorms easily.

If you are one of those who pins reminders everywhere, this free app organizes your life (and papers), putting everything together in the same place and by folders, as some kind of Pinterest of your own notes.

But, it’s only available for IPad.


Trying to go out of your comfort zone? Try this.


A smart calendar mixed with a tasks list.

This app can keep track of your timming and behaviors to perform the tasks you save. But it’s not just an application for tasks fulfill but it’s also a productivity wizard.

As you incorporate your production times of each task and your registered behaviors, it forms a pattern to suggest tips and new ways of proceeding tailored to your own tastes. 

Yes, it’s only available to IOS.

Ready to give your best? Download them and tell me how it goes!

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