We may each year propose to organize and indiscriminately promise to study on time, keep the house clean, eat on schedule, get an increase in salary, exercise… But you and I both know that it always ends badly.


Perhaps, we are socially known as the weak gender, but reality has shown that we can split our heads to take care of a thousand things at the same time. 

I don’t exaggerate, a thousand things. 

The kids, the house, the studies, the work,our friends, our couple, the colleagues, the bosses, the family, our couple’s family, and the list goes on and on.

So weak, sure not! We’re going to be practical. The truth is, if we want something to be done, we’re gonna have to do it ourselves, right? And it’s out of the table asking if we can really do all that. 

Of course we can!

Therefore, in LTL we propose you tips and notes to help organize and make life easier, in a nutshell. 

During January we encourage you to start the year setting a high goal, fearless. We promised to be there for you with tips and tricks to make everything easier. We bring you super useful information on how to hydrate, nourish and repair your hair with natural products that you have at home. Our Challenge Girl showed you how to make a professional makeup in just 10 minutes. In addition, we can finally get rid of the concern to buy good skirts: You know now which is the perfect skirt for your body type!

This month we have much more for you! 


This is how you increase your self-esteem in récord time.

Do not get crazy, the idea is to be methodical and achieve progress in each area, simplifying and prioritizing. 

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know below if you want to read some kind of special note, or if there is any area of your life where you are having a hard time organizing.

After all, we are women orchestra… We can do everything at the same time, and with high heels!

Are you ready? Hands to work!

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