New month, new goals. We arrived mid-year and you sure realized that the pressure you felt is no bigger than your ability to organize and do things. Being a girl at the top is not easy. But you already have several elements to be able to achieve it.

We propose to you to raise the bet: to take time for you, to find your style, to project your best self so your image accompanies all the work that you do. 

This month we show you all the new fashion tendencies, and how to adapt them to your personality. In addition, we continue to give you the best tips to have a unique style that really represents you and help you conquer your goals (yes, clothes can do that for us). 

Becoming a It-girl is going to be a child thing, just learn a couple of tricks and trust your intuition. It is the key to self-esteem, and self-confidence is priceless. We assure you that if a girl feels herself at the top, the others will see her in the same way. 

Visualizing where you want to be is the first step of all transformation. 

We should not be afraid of change, on the contrary: we should always be afraid to stay in the same place, while the rest of people progresses. So before we meet the middle of the year, we challenge you to stop for a second and think about yourself. 

What kind of woman do you want to be? Have you unleashed all your potential? Are you going toward your goals? where do you want to be? What do you need to get there? If it’s motivation, we invite you to go through our Editorials

If it’s about vision, this month is especially dedicated to you! And it’s not about just dressing pretty, or following fashion trends literally. It’s about finding yourself and empowering you through your image. 

We know that betting on ourselves is the cornerstone of any purpose we want to achieve, so we invite you to stop being a girl who wants to be at the top and become one. 

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