How about some girl-on-girl encouragement? We bring you the 5 best series about women empowerment for you to write down and start watching today, one after another.

For years, on Friday nights we used to get together like any group of friends, to eat pizzas, catch up, tell each other our things and EMPOWER each other.

Today, and especially after the isolation to which we were subjected for long months, technology collaborates not only by communicating with our loved ones, but with this noble purpose of empowering women. 

So we don’t doubt it when we discover these amazing series about women empowerment, which will give you not only entertainment, but a little push to achieve your goals.

5 series about women empowerment you should watch

Whether due to our internal or external struggles, women share some peculiarities that only we can understand. And these series not only highlight them, but treat them in an amazing way.

So here they are, the 5 best series about women empowerment (and how to watch them for free).


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Diet Land

It is the story of a woman, Plum Kettle, who works for a fashion and beauty magazine answering readers’ emails. But Plum is not your typical slender, snobbish fashion magazine worker. She is a woman who has suffered – and continues to suffer – innumerable discriminations for being obese, which has earned her exile to work from her house or the bar of her best friend.

But Plum thinks she has the solution for her: a gastric bypass would solve all her problems. Although her path will undoubtedly lead her to meet people who will guide her to another solution.

The story is very close, but we should warn you that the narrative is brilliant as much as it is satirical and dark humor. A season, but not to be missed.

We especially recommend it to watch a marathon with friends or alone at home, on a spa night.

The bold type

The Bold type is one of the most engaging female empowerment series. It is inspired by the story of Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine and executive producer of the series. 

This beauty of 4 seasons breaks with the stereotypes of selfish and competitive women in the world of fashion, because they all put a magazine on their shoulders alongside the boss, who is not a tyrant (as we are used to thinking the stereotype ).

All this, of course, without discounting the life stories of each of the protagonists. A series, simple, but engaging and comforting to remember what female solidarity can achieve. Highly recommended to watch in your spare time, to relax with a pot of ice cream in hand. 😉


Here we bring you an English dramatic comedy, whose writer and protagonist turns out to be the same person (which is wonderful because it ensures you really reflect the intention of the main character).

Fleabag is about a sexually active and outspoken young London woman who could be defined as a bad feminist. A woman who puts herself first and laughs at any stereotype, but at the same time would do whatever it takes to fit many of them. 

The main character of her is raw, realistic and so feminist that she does not care about feminism. Iconic, smart and funny, a series to watch from start to finish.

Recommendation: watch it alone, in your moments for yourself, doing a mani-pedi or relaxing. And prepare to laugh, cry, and remember this series (and this actress) for several years!

Wonderful Mrs. Maisel

Set in the 1950s, the wonderful Mrs. Maisel tells the story of Miriam, a wealthy housewife, who lives in the heart of New York with her husband and two children. 

However, the typical housewife routine will be transformed a bit by this not-so-conventional woman for the time, whose dream is to be a stand-up comedian. So she throws herself into the stand-up, in the 50s, with the expectations that society had for a woman at that time. A challenging but controlled look at the role of women in history.

Perhaps we should mention as a non-minor fact that the creator is nothing more and nothing less than Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls.

Recommendation: Only for those interested in the depth of the female historical role. Suitable for family viewing.

Good girls revolt

In the late 1960s, a group of “Newsweek” friends and co-workers decide to stand firm to demand equal treatment. Until now, they were limited to researching and verifying data without being able to write, because they were women. 

So their job was to facilitate the entire investigation, forced to pass the information on to journalists and editors who could sign articles simply because they were men. 

From this request, your romances, friendships and relationships will change. 

This short but sweet one-season series with only 10 episodes captures a historic turning point in the history of women. Based on real events.

We recommend watching with friends or family, as it encourages interesting discussions and opinions about a widely known true fact, and its consequences.


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Bonus: Lorena

But that is not all. If we talk about real and widely known events, we cannot leave out this documentary miniseries that has caused varied opinions.

We refer to Lorena, the series based on the story of Lorena Bobbitt, the woman who cut off the member of her husband, tired of years of abuse.

The series delves into the investigation of the crime committed in 1993 and that had worldwide repercussion, even changing the history of journalism in the tabloid media.

This documentary miniseries leaves nothing out: testimonies of lawyers, witnesses, and even the word of the confessed criminal, to clarify everything 25 years later, with the calmest waters.

Recommendation: To see thoroughly in your free time, with or without company.

How to watch them

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