If you thought the Kardashians were the most stylish brand in Hollywood, wait to see the new generation. Provoking both love and aversion, the sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner (the minors of the “K” clan) have been able to make their way into the world of spectacle and beauty. Together and separate. And far surpassing his predecessors, the three elder sisters. Although they are like water and oil, we’ll review their styles, makeup and careers. We’ll show you how these two teenagers (after all they are only girls) were made millions, in fortune and in fans, and became more than the new Kardashians. They became “the New Black”.

KENDALL JENNER: The most sophisticated of the K's

If all you cared about the K clan was its fashion facility, the bulging curves demonstration and the excessive use of “scalpel fixes,” guess what? Kendall’s the opposite.

Impeccable and still sophisticated style. Use of colors out of the exaggerated palette of black, the favorite of her sisters. Highlighting his features and body. So Kendall has managed to make his way into the world of international high fashion, modeling for first-class houses. There’s no doubt that it’s the most sophisticated not only in terms of personal style, but also in relation to her body. The eldest of the Jenner duo can be daring and sexy, but always in a more subtle and feminine way than their sisters.

Her streetstyle

Kendall boasts a sexy but casual style. In his premium outfits the denim and the comfortable shoes or slippers. Although as a good model knows how to carry very well a pair of high heels.

We know she’s not afraid to show his body, after all she’s part of the clan. But her image of “girl next Door” has taken her off the family legacy of extrasensuality (sometimes too much).

We show you her streetstyle:

Red Carpet

By day is all distressed jeans and overabundance of croptops (if I had that belly would also abuse). But Kendall becomes a sophisticated bomb in the red carpets, taking the award of Best dressed gala after gala.

His favourites are two-piece suits or cut-outs in black, white and red. The transparencies, slashes and sharp necklines are his way of showing she is as sexy as his sisters (or more?). Always accompanying with an impeccable Make Up.

Look at the best moments on the red carpet:


You can absolutely see Kylie Jenner´s look.

The makeup

Her taste for changes in the red carpet is notorious. We can see from super-eyed lips to smokey eyes. However, Kendall’s usual makeup is just a bright glam glow. Pastel colors and highlighting hardly the eyes.

The protagonist, no doubt, is the skin. The teenager suffered from acne, so great lengths her care. And, of course, try to put more emphasis on it. It is worth mentioning that the features of Kendall are extravagant but subtle, so that their natural beauty slightly highlighted is enough. Kendall likes to vary and play with different styles for the events.

We show you some of them:

His career

However, her greatest accomplishment has been her modeling career. The young woman quickly ascended making covers of Vogue, and fashion shows for the most prestigious houses and designers. Chanel, Diane Von Fustenberg, Victoria’s Secret and Estée Lauder are some of the brands that had her.

Kendall started out as part of the Wilhelmina Models Agency, photo shooting for Teen Vogue, Vogue, seventeen and other fashion magazines. In 2013, she signed a contract with The Society Management. Since then she has been able to pose for V Magazine and Interview, as well as fashion shows and add campaigns with Estée Lauder, Marc Jacobs and Balmain.

Take a look at Kendall’s success:

What do you think of Kendall’s style? Which one’s your favorite K?
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  1. learntolook · August 10, 2018

    We agree! She’s a bit different and that was good for her career.