I bet no one could forget those Chanel over-the-knee boots that Andy Sachs wore when she finally surprised everyone in Devil wears Prada. Of course, Lagerfeld’s catwalk was full of those beauties in the autumn-winter collection of 2006. Even in denim embedded with stones (Tear…).

And since then, the haute couture maisons and even the small brands were raising the bet of their boot rods. We saw them in different versions. And passing the season, they made them gladiators, with and without heels (how to forget those hevenly Givenchy’s in pony leather?).

Almost 10 years have passed. And, I don’t know about you, but I’ve scrambled heaven and earth to get over-the-knee boots every season because I-JUST-FELL-IN-LOVE. And when I start to say that it’s become a classic (especially for those who enjoy long legs and suffer a lot of cold), I have the pleasure to see them everywhere.

Look, it’s not easy to get out of the jean with these beauties. But they’re more versatile than we could believe at first sight. The first question is: Should I buy a pair? If I’m short size.. will it flatter me or will it make my legs disappear?

1.- The ideal over-the-knee:

The good news is, we can all use them. Depending on your width and heels, these things stylize like gods. Want to see what shape suits you the most?


Wear boots that make you thiner, and do not give more weight to your bottom. Wearing volume on the shoulders and chest, and mimicking the boots with trousers at same  tone, you’ll win. They are also ideal for wearing A skirts, creating the hourglass shape.

Inverted triangle:

The super high cane boots will give you the necessary coat. You can wear them with flying skirts, and no volume on the shoulders.


We don’t wanna add more height to a slender body. So we chose boots with body (not tight), but flat. They’re ideal to use with skirt, highlighting the hip, or with high-waisted pants that cinch the waistline.


We love embelished boots for this body type. They draw attention to the bottom and allow them to be worn with monochromatic outfits as well as with skirts in A.


Here's how to find a LBD that fits you perfectly.


Fringes, bows, ornaments. For this type of body we love boots with texture and movement. The idea is to bring some volume to the feet, allowing simple outfits enhanced by accessories.

2.- Get yours!

Do you know which one is best for you? 

There’s a lot to choose from in the market. The IT-girls from all over the world have the most emblematic ones, and we have our own chosen ones. We show you the 10 most comfortable and versatile we found:

3.- How to wear them:

As you may have noticed, if you have already bought your over-the-knee boots, it’s not easy to encourage you to use them beyond a jean. In fact, a jean or a gabardine pants are a good start to versatility.

But the world doesn’t end up with a jean, right? Short and midi skirts, country dresses and… Everything goes! We show you some ideas of how girls take them around the world, on a daily basis.

4.- Finding your style:

If you already have some ideas and you were inspired by the previous gallery, we can start thinking about you. What’s your style? What colors do you have in your closet? What kind of events are you going to use your boots?

We show you some styling ideas for each occasion, which show not only how to use the colors to style or highlight, but also the shapes. Tell us which is your favorite!

Ready to lift the height of your boots? How are you doing?
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  1. learntolook · July 28, 2018

    Amazing! We hope you can find the perfect ones for you!