I always wonder what would have happened if the most successful entrepreneurs had surrendered half way. If they had simply said: “No, it’s not worth that much effort, someone else should try,” or they would have just convinced themselves that they could not achieve their goals.

And I often wonder because I have the firm conviction that women are enterprising material, that we carry it in the system. We live by launching new things all the time, and we naturally develop in multitasking mode.  

Of course it’s not easy, and more than once we all have thought about leaving halfway (once or twice i’m sore we have done that): study, try to get that work of our dreams, devote time to a hobby that makes us well, or even a half hour a day in the Gym for health care porpuse. Here I must admit that more than once I paid the full month of gym and the fury lasted just two days (in the case that more lasted). 

But who said it would be easy to reach our goals, right? Or were we born to pay debts and die? No, you must have an idea of what kind of woman you want to be. You must know exactly what you like to do and what makes you happy, and what your ideal life would be. Where would you like to be now? What are you doing to get there? 

If the answer is nothing, my friend, we have a problem. If we live complaining about the routine, the work, of someone else around us, but we do nothing to change it, we have lost the right to complain. You’re there because you want to. 

I remember a well-known phrase from Steve Jobs: “Fight for your dreams, or someone will hire you to fight for theirs.” There’s no true like that one! Either you move to the place where you want to be, or you help someone else move to their goals. Then what will it be? 

With this in mind, and having organized some issues that leave you time and focus on the important things, this month we continue in the commitment to help you get your goals. If you have not already done so, you can see how to organize a whole week of outfits in a Sunday time, or how to merge your clothes so that they always combine with a capsule closet. You can also see some apps to help you organize your life, and the best books if you are thinking of entrepreneurship. No excuses! 

So let’s go to the technical: how do you manage your time? How do you organize your tasks? How do you take control of your projects? We give you all the keys with some techniques used by the most prestigious specialists in the big companies of the world. 

We must be bolder and implement strategies that work, make life easier: do less to achieve more. I assure you it is possible. 

Buckle up, honey, we’re going to go at high speed to your dreams. 

Ready for the trip?

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