Many experts agree that physical activity is perhaps the most important factor in personal care. But even if it’s fitness, as fast as it is effective, we often leave ourselves in the background, between work and family or other priorities.

You may think you don’t have the time, but we’re not even asking you for an hour of your day. It’s 15 minutes, that 15 minutes while you wait for your food to be baked, or even 15 minutes of the 30 you save each morning thanks to the closet organization for the whole week.

So, you just have to choose the right music and leave excuses aside: taking care of you and your well-being is what makes you can keep working for everything else. 

Time spent on ourselves is time WELL INVESTED.

That’s why we decided to show you 3 workouts that only took you through those 15 precious minutes. While it’s not enough for weight loss, they will help you stay healthy and, above all, activate your circulation and your heart.


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10 benefits of fitness in the morning

Before we know what routine to adapt (or try them all), we’re going to incentivize you a little by telling you the great benefits of exercise, especially in the morning.

1.- Activate your body

If you move and speed up your body in the early hours of the morning, your entire body will activate immediately.

In the following points we will see some more noticeable consequences, but in general your circulation is activated, your lungs oxygenate better and your body gets elastic and resistant to face the rest of the day.

2.- Fitness improves your heart rate

Doing cardio in the morning will certainly develop better breathing and increased oxygenation, improving your overall heart rate over time.

That way, it becomes more resistant to heart problems in the future, making it a good long-term investment.

3.- Change your breathing

We insist on oxygenation.

Not only does your heart rate improve with it, but the work of your lungs. Regularly working you learn to breathe deeply so your body copes with the effort involved in exercise.

This way your lungs work efficiently and, if you do it in the morning, this benefit extends through inertia to the rest of the day.

4.- Make sure you don't postpone it

This is like the dressing: you have to get it out fast so it doesn’t hurt that much.

If you’re used to doing your fitness in the morning, then you won’t have to be looking for excuses like when you do it in the afternoon. Work fatigue, or other priorities can cause you to end up putting off these 15 minutes for you.

But doing it first thing just gets the problem out of you, and makes sure you don’t miss out on all the benefits.


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5.- Regulates sleep

We all know that even if it’s only 15 minutes, fitness speeds you up. And if you leave it for the night, you may not get to fall asleep with all that energy.

However, speeding up your body in the morning gives you all day to perform at your best and that guarantees a quiet night and therefore a better sleep.

5.- Fitness relieves stress

But you don’t just get energized doing activity in the morning. But also manage to spend that accumulated bad energy.

Spending physical energy relieves stress, and also allows your brain to get some rest from the constant worries of “mental” work. You put your focus on the body, and you forget your “theoretical duties” for a while.

That way, when you retake your habit of overthinking everything, your brain will be fresh and ready to find solutions.

6.- Changes your mood

I’ve experienced this in my own flesh.

Exercising in the morning completely changes your mood: it allows you to face the day with another look. Fresh, energized, with positivism and agility.

Of course, we are all different, but many have still validated this rumor, so I challenge you to try it for yourself!

7.- Helps absorb nutrients

Nutritionists say that when your body expends a lot of energy in a fitness routine, it better absorbs the first meal you have over the next 2 hours.

So you know. Have a good natural juice in the morning, and treat yourself to a full breakfast after exercising. All nutrients will go straight to restrengthen your tired and avid feeding muscles.

8.- Burns more fat

It has also been established that the body burns more fat in the morning.

This is because the body makes a great effort to move from a state of near-absolute stillness and prolonged rest, to moving with the agility that a good fitness routine requires, however short.

That extra effort is what makes all the difference, and it burns the fat continuously.

9.- Helps organize your day

It may seem surprising, but morning exercise clears you up the rest of the day to better organize your work and personal and household chores. You’ve already got a problem out of your chest, and you can get on with the rest.

But not only that, but by oxygenating your body, it also oxygenates your brain, which works more agilely for the rest of the day. So it’s a double benefit for the same purpose 😉

10.- Fitness increases your agility

Have I told you on another occasion about that habit I have of paying for the gym the whole month and going only two days? I’m sure you will. That’s a consequence of starting out by killing yourself for results early, and burning your muscles with the 3 hrs gym effort.

Of course, on the second day you don’t want to know anything anymore! So you spoil it.

But 15 minutes a day a day doesn’t seem like much dedication required. And yet, you will be more useful 15 minutes each day, than 3 hrs in only 2 days a week. Why?

Your body gets used every day to give a little more, you let it rest enough but not too much. So day by day it gets more agile, even if it seems like little time.

5 fitness routines to do in 15 minutes

Now, yes, get down to business.

Here are 4 15-minute routines that you can rotate to test which one best suits you and your needs. Or, you can rotate them indefinitely so you don’t get bored.


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