Ready to embark on new career paths? Not bad! Sometimes a fresh start is all we need to take momentum, whether you want to grow professionally in relation to your training, or change completely of category. We tell you which are the top 10 things to keep in mind so you know how to get the dream job.

10 steps to get the dreamed job

1.- Dressing for success:

As we declare in our first post -and such is quoted by the famous premise of fashion- everything goes through the eyes. Preparing a proper attitude also depends on how we see ourselves.

It’s not news that once we change our appearance, our behavior sticks to it in a magnetic way. So, if you go to a moderately formal interview, for a junior job, or SemiSr., you have to keep in mind that the appearance counts (and adds extra points). The experts of, a job portal, makes it clear here: All recruiters agree on the usual unwanted (jeans, slippers and gum or accessory chewing gum).

A formal black pants will never go wrong, no matters the professional heading. Black denotes security and seriousness. Dark, blue and Grey are the second best option: they give confidence and illustrate sophistication. And a white shirt (super white) will be the perfect ally, everyone likes purity and neatness. Look for heels not too high, few accessories, natural makeup and soft perfume.

2.- Research:

Knowing exactly where we apply to work and the peculiarities of the vacant position are a duty of all interviewees. The more you know the company, and especially the image they try to give, the more elements you will have to show how well you’ll fit in there.

Careful: You don’t want to be a FAN, desperate to work in that place. That doesn’t even work in VOGUE.

3.- Get your own back:

Always carry extra copies of your resume, not one but several. And anything to back it up, just in case. Titles obtained, written recommendations, analytical if you mention your averages, everything is welcome.

This should show them you’re ready and in advance of the rest of the workers. After you get it, you can totally wow them with your productivity

4.- Punctuality:

Getting there on time is the key to a good impression. If you get there on time, you’re halfway to giving the best first impression, in fact. Otherwise, the message will be your selflessness for the job, and your disdain for work in general.

5.- Shake hands:

The hand greeting is an art. It is not indicated to make it very strong, nor with laziness: just firm.

It’s also important to place it perfectly vertical, not with the palm upwards, much less downwards. The ideal amount of “shakes” is 1.5. So you offer your hand, and you go with it down, up and down half way. But the most important thing is to have them dry and warm.

If your hand is not firm it will show a lack of confidence (and who wants to entrust tasks to someone who does not even trust himself?). If you’re sweating, you are a nervous person, if it’s cold you’ll distrust. Before the interview visit the Toilet, rinse with hot water and dry well.

6.-Speaks without speaking:

30% of the final decision will be based on what you say, and the other 70% on how you look and how you behave. Body language not only says great things about personality, but it emphasizes empathy in an unconscious way.

Sitting upright, without playing with your hands, keeping eye contact and not touching your face during the interview are some premises. A good note to take is to go with the body expression as far as your interviewer goes. Do you do some gestures with your hands? Uses the same resource.

Attention: It is not a mirror game, you won’t want to scare them by repeating every move they make at the moment.


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To each question, in a clear and concise way. Just what they ask, don’t add details they haven’t asked you. When you finish listening to the question count to two, and start talking slowly but continuously, choose your words well and be positive.

If they ask a difficult question -like why you left your last job, or why have you been that much time woth no work, etc.- do not hesitate and only comments on the best of each case. “My unworked period was due to an opportunity to travel and get to know the world I didn’t want to waste, and it was successful because it made me grow as a person.” Or “I felt it was time to grow up professionally, I learned a lot in my previous work and I’m anxious to learn more,” are good answers.

8.- Question:

Don’t stand there in a questioning like waiting to be executed. Asking one or two things (in addition to the economic conditions of the post) will show that you have an interest in the job.

Experts say that asking for an example of the typical day of work in your position, or a description of what your tasks would be, is a good start.

9.-Turn it off!

The cell phone should never stay on during your interview. Before reaching the place, turn it off. Completely. Don’t cheat by putting it on vibrate, if it sounds you’re going to be in an awkward situation. Better to prevent…


Whether in person, when you say goodbye, or with a thank you note, it is important that the last memory is as good as the first impression. If you decide to do it in person, be sure to give your hand again and tell him how comfortable you were in the interview and how enjoyable it was. If you opt for the note, make it handwritten, and brief (no two-sheet letters, please). You know how to get the dream job. Ready to take it? Do you know any other tip? Share it with us!
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