Spring began and with the change of season probably our mood also changes. I imagine you, walking down the street with a soft breeze and watching the leaves falling of the trees in one second. And the next second, remembering that there are still a thousand things to do before the year ends. Even Wonder Woman couldn’t do all that. 

We know, your week is full of tasks that seem endless (even your day is). And so many tasks have only one way to go well: method. Each of us has its own secrets, which of course are not reduced to the organization. Although, sincerely, we hope that the tips to organize your closet in general, for the week and the capsule closet for the job have been useful and continue using them. 

That’s why we’re going to be telling you some tricks that we have behind our sleeve, so you can add them to your superpowers and be able to fulfill all your commitments without going crazy. 


Here's the 5 apps that can help you solve your life.

So this month we commit to make your life easier: hairstyles in a few steps, make up for any ocassion, the garments that fit us all well. But most important of all, no doubt, is how to do so in a way that stress won’t become an obstacle. And, instead, you learn to use that energy in your favor. 

So we invite you to join our avalanche of multitasking girls. After all, we wouldn’t be known as the generation that can do it all, if it wasn’t true, don’t you think? 

If being Wonder Woman was ever a challenge, we promise to go out gracefully and with the trophy in hand. Ready for a month of fulfilled goals?

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