Natural nails: that precious treasure that not all can have. True? When it comes to having presentable hands, caring for natural nails is a “must.” And in the absence of it, we can only resort to sculpting our nails, using fake nails, or hiding our hands.

But having impeccable hands is not an impossible task! So roll up your sleeves and start with these tips, that after several weeks of perseverance you will see amazing results!

How to strengthen your nails

Why do nails weaken?

Nails are the product of a keratinization of several proteins and amino acids, fed by vitamins A, B and C, E and H. So everything that forms the nail, in fact, enters through your system. But, unlike that, the weakening factors can be external or internal.

1.- Healthy eating: there are no miracles or ointments that in one pass make your nails grow 1 cm in a month. Like our whole body, if you want to strengthen it you must start inside: a good diet is the basic way to help your nails grow.

You should look for foods enriched with vitamins a and b, such as yeast, wheat germ, fruits and vegetables, especially those of orange and red.

Legumes are also a good source of calcium, iodine and iron. Avoid falling into the simplicity of consuming calcium through dairy, there are sources of calcium with higher concentration and less chemically treated.

Fish, eggs, shellfish and beef are equally important for nails to grow strong because of their biotin intake. Finally, vitamin E, which you find in carrots, tomatoes, avocado or avocado and vegetable oil.

2.- You can also achieve the absorption of these elements by your natural nails more directly. To do this, every time you do your manicure, you must immerse them for about 15 minutes in natural ingredients that contain these characteristics.

You should know that this method alone does not present major changes. It is always better to consume them than to spread your nails on them, but here we show you 3 good mixtures to try and strengthen the treatment:

-Vinager, olive oil and yeast.

-Lemon, garlic and castor oil.

-Vinager, garlic and aloe vera (aloe).


Your sculpted nails also need some special attention!

Nail growth

Normal nail growth is 2 to 3 mm per month. Of course, you can speed it up using several methods. But there is no magic here, and you must be constant to see results.

– Dietary supplements: supplements known today to have enviable nails are numerous. Be careful to choose the right one for you, and make sure you are eating well when you take them. Otherwise they will not work, because they will be covering food deficiencies instead of enhancing the growth of your nails. Also, keep in mind that most of these supplements also work for hair.

-Topic treatments: nail topics (or strengthening enamels) work better enhanced with natural ingredients. I still remember my best friend’s face when I started trying Opi’s Nail Envy with chopped garlic inside. They didn’t laugh, she wanted to kill me. But after two weeks after seeing my broken nails bloom and grow rapidly, we both began to put chopped garlic on each base polish we had to enhance the effect. So before the color manicure, any base we had had garlic, and if it was strengthening much better!

Do not worry, the smell comes out once the enamel dries or you put another on top.


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Can natural nails thicken?

Taking care of the superficial layers of the nails is essential to maintain their thickness and avoid fungus, scaling, spots and other conditions.

-Lima: For starters, file them just enough. When you use your nails naturally, avoid using files that remove the top layer. Instead, use a polishing block to brighten and match the surface. That will suffice.

If, on the other hand, you build with acrylic or gel on your natural nail, let a professional handle only the gloss layer, they know how to do it.

-Nutrition: It is a good practice to nourish them with almond oil, jojoba, olive or coconut. As part of your weekly routine, you can massage your nails with these oils for a few minutes to nourish their surface.

-Protection: Finally, once you manage to give the nails the care they deserve, DO NOT FORGET TO PAINT THEM! Add an extra layer to your nails, adding color and giving them style. Painting the nails not only allows you to be impeccable and have a good cover letter, but also works as a protection for the surface of your nails. It may seem somewhat exaggerated, but like the hair, the surface of the nail is affected by its exposure to the environment and is losing elements of keratinization. Some are more prone than others, but it is part of the natural replacement process. Help your protection with a pair of enamel layers. As long as you take proper care when placing and removing it, enamel is a good friend.

-Appropriate use: Finally, even if it is not about constructions, you should keep in mind that an adequate use of your nails contributes to its growth, thickening and strengthening. And what is that proper use? NONE! Your nails are not tools, so do not open locks with them, do not use them to make force, separate the shell of your cell phone or scratch surfaces. Use gloves when washing or using any type of chemicals, and do not wet them unnecessarily (that includes not putting them in your mouth and much less biting them!).

With all these cares in mind, your nails will grow strong, thick and fast, to wear them naturally.

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