At this point your bosses must have the company goal setted, as long as the year is ending. That means all you have to do is urgent, and they want it for yesterday. Your own goals will surely also require you to start seeing results. But the only result you’re seeing –for now– is the pressure on the job. Truth?

Fortunately, we have the solution. All you have to do is become a production machine (we know it sound terrible) and we promise it’s easier than it sounds. Even if you just got the job. We’ll give you 5 tips to produce more and make everyone happy (including yourself).

1.- There's no Mondays anymore

Like the idea? One of the most effective techniques I have read out there -and tried very successfully- is to make mondays disappear. Every worker’s dream is now a reality. Mondays are the worst-worst-day of the week, and kick off after having taken the taste to the weekend becomes impossible. So there’s no other choice but to make them disappear.

Don’t plan anything for your Monday at the office: meetings, presentations, essays, hearings, negotiations. Just come to the office and set your priorities for the week, outline your goals and the things you should have done as soon as possible, and as soon as you have all this clear, start with your work.

Planning is largely what makes the rest of the week go well, the other four days you’ll give a lot more than you can actually make on a Monday. Don’t look at it as a day thrown away, it’s a hot ticket that will establish your attack strategy for the rest of the week.

2.-Rule 50/10

Productivity studies have shown that it’s difficult to concentrate for a long time on the same thing. That’s why rule 50/10 is so effective. For every hour at work, you dedicate 50 minutes to your tasks, and the next 10 minutes to clear your mind and relax.

This way, you don’t harass yourself with one thing until you get tired of it and your brain shuts down. Yes: The 50 minutes must be strictly working (no Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, no cheating here!).

3.-Sets priorities and times

It’s important that you can set what are the most important things to do each day, and that you respect the estimated time for each one. When you get stucked on a task, move to the next one. When you finish it, go back to the previous one. That way you won’t be wasting time when you can’t make any more progress with a particular task.


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4.- Do NOT trust your memory

Write everything down. On a scorer or on calendars on your phone, so you can go back and remember what you should be doing. Using your smartphone as a personal assistant is very useful, make the most of it. This way, the control of the finished issues will be easier and clear.

5.- Just do YOUR job

And that implies: 

a.-Delegating when you should, if there’re small tasks that someone else can do and others that demand your attention, give priority to the last ones and delegate the former ones; 

B.-Teamwork, when the responsibility or the credit is for everyone, all must make their contributions. 

C.-Solidarity is a concept that we prefer to hold for the church. In the office, first there’s your thing, and then the others. With good manners, it’s healthy to learn to say NO. 


These 5 guidelines will increase your productivity to levels you didn’t even know you could achieve. Putting them in practice mechanize your work by clearing your head from unnecessary tangles, and the more they ask you, the more you will be able to do (but never tell so).

Try it, and tell us… do you feel the pressure at work now?

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