Did you ever look at your closet, and just think it has simple clothes, of “ordinary people”? Garments of a simple mortal who is not near or close to have the look that shows the it girls on the StreetStyle section of fashion magazines. Do not worry, we give you the 5 best stylists secrets to take your style to another level.

Not to despair, basic garments are a GREAT tool to have a dream look, to represent yourself and to get positive attention from those around you. Whether at work, in your studies or with your friends and family. And this is because styling is an art: we learn to present the same thing that you put in your house, but we make it look way different.

It’s all about perception, and giving a twist to your garments. Do not be frightened, we are not going to propose a DIY (yet), but we will show you 5 easy ways that you can do at home to raise your outfits to an It-Girl level. 


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No matter how casual your outfit is, even with slippers. 

The moment you add a blazer, everything is just better. It gives it a touch of sophistication, it stylize your trunk, and it grants you authority. 

If your outfit is very monotonous, do not hesitate to give it some color. If you have printed jeans, be sure to give a serious touch to the blazer.  Rocker, romantic, bohemian or glam, the blazer suits all styles and you have millions of models to pick. 

Choose according to your height, the style you want to achieve or the formality of the event for which you will use it. 

If you don’t have your blazer yet, don’t hesitate to invest in one. This is one of the best stylists secrets and even they wear them!

They are versatile, you can use it with a jean, with Office clothes or on a dress to go to a party. 

We show You our favourites!

Blazer peplum
Peplum blazer
Blazer de Strir
Straight blazer
Jacket with style
Blazer with zip
Red big blazer by Find


These are the wild cards you can have in your closet all year.


It has been demonstrated through the history of runway, that a good pair of heels can solve the outfit. And this is no one of the stylists secrets at all, everyone knows it!

Even, they have come to be wear with jogging, slippers, sweat pants, etc. And in many cases the result has surprised.  

Black classics are indispensable, and fit for skirts or trousers, even for shorts. But diversifying your shoe closet is ALWAYS a good investment. And this is another one of stylists secrets: INVEST IN SHOES. They change a complete outfit and transform an every-day garment to a “go out” one.

A pair of statement shoes can leave gasped to any fashionista even if you wear a black old T-shirt and a pair of broken jeans.

We admit it, this is the chance we’ve been waiting for. Taconesssss Shopping! Look At These Incredibles we found for you!

Degradée Peep toes by Elashe
Blacn stilettos from Eks
Elashe phyton stilettos
Find white mules


In some cases, more is simply more.  

A statement necklace or an impressive bracelet, or even a lot of everything, can make a LBD or the simplest outfit become the basis of a mid-east style accessory sampler.  

It is a matter of taste above all, but it’s a fact that investing in accessories is always more economical than investing in garments that in itself are highlighted.  

Warning: we do not say that you have to throw the chandelier on, the good choice of accessories is as important as the clothes you choose to dress. 

But It doesn’t hurt to go testing until you find your own style. And the result is acclaimed and used by hundreds of ItGirls.

And since we can’t with the shopping therapy, we also choose the most original accessories on the Web. 

Take a look!

Tous Choker
Layering necklace
Pearls from Jyx
Etnic necklace
Etnic necklace


These are the 5 ways you can use your basic summer in half a season.


Believe it or not, this is one of the most used styling tricks not only for fashion shows, but also for publishers and even for the most elaborate stained glass of the big brands. And of course, a stylist secret from all times. 

Do the test now: Put on a coat, hold up your neck and roll your sleeves up. If you have a leash, adjust. If under the coat you have long sleeves, leave them long and roll up only the coat.

It’s also good for jeans. You got a couple of boyfriends? Try it! Do you have a super long skinny? Try it! Just don’t try it with straight classic jeans and everything will be fine 😉

5.-Wrap Your waist!

This trick works almost the same way as the roll up.  

Whatever you have, it will look better if you cinch your waist: with a ribbon, a girdle, a belt, or a piece of leather according to what you’re wearing. 

Make it your style or break the monotony! 

The idea is to form a hourglass and in that way, even a shirtdress will look feminine and classy.

Ready to test them? Tell us al about the repercussions!

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