An entrepreneurship may take longer than thought. It can be a real challenge, especially if we are not sure about the tools we have to manage it. 

The pursuit of self-knowledge and personal growth can be broad, complicated, and long. But the benefits reported are growing, not only for greater personal enrichment. It is also necessary to achieve success, personal relationships and even to have a great style!

And if a long trip is about we aim! We leave you 7 books of self-knowledge and personal growth that will be a BOOM in your head.

I know this is a classic and it’s not about entrepreneurship exactly.

It’s more like a personal finance book, but it has the basic knowledge to change your mind about regular jobs and self-boss stuff. 

We love the idea of self-boss stuff. Who doesn’t??

Well, if you haven’t read it yet, you can get your own copy right here and give it a chance to a mind-changed story that will show you how to start thinking financially on your own. 

That’s the kind of mindset you need to be an entrepreneur.

If you’re the kind of person who self-sabotage all the time, you need this one.

So take all your tasks in your “to do list” and just MAKE THEM. No negative thoughts, no self-sabotage, no anxiety. This book is an impressive guide about all the ways you head can be managing yourself.

Oh, and it’s written with such a great humor, you’ll love it. Centered and clear intructions on how to get out of poor excuses and psiching out.

If you’re still your best enemy, buy it now, you won’t regret it!


This 5 apps will help you organize your life.

Yes, specially for those who work anywhere in the world.

It’s like the quote: “you have a million dollars inside your head, you just have to take it out”.

So this is all about: this book shows you how to convert your passion, knowledge or… well, you, into a profitable business.

This book has 5 simple steps and a lot of motivation if you’re thinking about goin’ alone by your own and get rid of your boss.

Taking the adventure? Give it a chance and get your copy!

An electrifying mind-changing book..  

I mean, at first might not look like they’re discovering a thing, but once you try it and finish the reading you notice your head is not the same.

Bill Aulet says you can LEARN how to be an entrepreneur and no one has ever born being one. And that sounds logical, even when we constantly think that Marky and Jobs are geniuses (not telling they’re not).

So with this 24 steps you can learn how to be an entrepreneur, no matter the model you’re using (lean startup, blue ocean strategy, business model generation). And that’s amazing!

This books has such an organization with this 24 steps that will bring you all the discipline you’re lack of.

Don’t miss out, if you have no idea how to validate a business idea and set it to success, have your copy!

This is a little bit more classic on “how to raise your business”.

So, all the entrepreuners should have this book as a pilar guide to start your own business. Whatever it is about, this applies to classic business and lean startups.

But, in my opinion, it does have an extra value that makes this lecture UNMISSABLE: the key to switch your mindset into every rol you need to cover from the scratch.

We all know you don’t start a business with 10 employees or a big team to collaborate.

So, generally, you start doin’ everything on your own, and that much tasks can drive you crazy. Not kidding.

But not to worry, this is the book you need to read to set your mind like a bad-ass-boss-to-be and make it happen. You can get it by clicking here.


This is how you transform pressure into productivity.

This one’s for entrepreunership-addicts. I’m gonna explain myself.

Have you ever started a business and then think in something else that could work, and suddenly you have literally thousand of ideas that could work, and know it would if you could find the right path. 

Well, this is it: the right path.

A lean startup is a model of business that’s THE MODEL for this century (that sounded old i know, but it’s true). 

We’re in the begginer of a century and the classic business-plan-sheet we all know doesn’t work the same. You and i have more and better tools to make a business work. So why would we run it with last-century ideas?

We won’t.

Lean startups are centered in what a costumer wants and needs. It’s about finding a niche and a value to give to that niche, improving and trying again.

And this new business-model has a proppiriate mindset to match: we don’t fail. We just find a way where it doesn’t go. 

Ready to know all the model? Get your copy.

This is one of those books I wanted to read as soon as it came out, and with such an easy and trapping reading that it devours itself in a second. 

One would think that it’s all about lessons from a billionaire talking finances and how to run a company. Not even close. It is rather a story of a group of friends who embark on an adventure. 

One where they fall a thousand times, and while the outside see “success” they see fires everywhere.

Unmissable, easy to read, entertaining and with a motivation that lasts. Get it now!

We love a motivational read that help us grow. So wich one are you starting with?

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