Heeyy!!! Tiny little beautiful people, how are you? How are y’s everyone today? So I know that for a long time i did not publish anything in the column, but you can’t imagine everything that has happened to me in the last months! Well, that’ll be gossip for another day!

Today I’m back, and we’re going to make a fun change. On this occasion I will not be challenged: I will challenge you this time.

What? Yes… They read well. But don’t panic! It is a very simple challenge, but above all it is a very nice challenge. 

Let me explain a little. Maybe some of you already know and maybe some not yet. I love animals with all my heart. And, a few years ago, when I found out about the abuse that they suffered in the beauty industry, I made the decision to use products free of animal cruelty-free.

When I opened my YouTube channel I decided that by means of this platform I was going to spread my message in favor of the animals. And thanks to this incredible magazine today I can spread this message through this platform as well. So this time I want to challenge you to join this beautiful cause and together let’s make a change for the animals.

I’m going to share some of my favorite brands and makeup products cruelty-free, and I challenge you to change habits to change the world.

Many of these products are less expensive than others with animal testing, and even better quality. So you won’t notice the difference! You add up?


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Cruelty free eyeshadows

NYX is a brand free of animal cruelty. It has very good products, and one of my favorites are these “Ultimate” shadow palettes.

The pigmentation is incredible, they fade with great ease and you can create thousands of looks with these palettes. We can create warm, cool looks, full color, something simple with a pop of color, etc. The options are endless and the best is its price, it is very accessible!

So, my girls, run for the palette you like best. Or if you love makeup as much as I do, run to buy them all and start creating amazing things.

Nyx Paleta
Get it here!
Nyx paleta
Get it here!
Nyx Paleta
Get it here!
Get it here!

Perfect liner

Now, to continue with the subject of the eyes: an eyeliner that drives me crazy is the “Tattoo liner”, of Kat Von D. This cruelty-free brand has beautiful things!

What can I tell you about this eyeliner? It’s really a marvel! Pigmentation is AMAZING. The tip is so thin, you can detail your outline without a problem. It is applied too easily and its durability is impressive, it is reflected on the eyelids for hours and continues to be seen spectacular. 

I’m really delighted. I started using it about two weeks ago and in such a short time it has become my favorite, without any doubt. 

Maybe the price is a little high compared to other eyeliners, but believe me it is completely worth it. Girls, prove it and you’ll see you’re not going to be disappointed!

Kat von D cruelty free tatoo liner
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Incredible eyebrows

Now we are going with a product for the eyebrows, which surely we have all heard about.

Have you guessed what product I’m talking about? Of course! Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow pomade. A little obvious, don’t you think? 

This cruelty free brand has really surprised us with a lot of products, like the eyeshadow palettes. But definitely one of its best products is this eyebrow pomade: it is very pigmented, very easy to use and very soft textured. 

With a very thin brush we can go marking hair by hair to generate a 3D or 6D effect. Of course, if you like eyebrows very Instagram style, with this pomade you can achieve them without a problem. Plus, your eyebrows will look perfect for hours. Believe me, the formula is excellent, and the product is definitely worth what it costs. 

No doubt, this is a product that I recommend completely. I just love it!

Anastasia BH pomada de cejas
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Do you already know what's the perfect eyebrow shape for your face type?

Radiant lips

Let’s move on to a more affordable brand, “Wet N Wild.” This cruelty-free brand has a wide variety of products, and at a very low price. And I must confess that at first it did not call my attention, until I tried these two products for lips.

Lately I’m obsessed with lip gloss, and they’ve become the ones I use on a daily basis. The one on the left is called “MegaSlicks Lip Gloss” in the shade that’s My Jam. I love the color, I like the texture very much, it is super glossy. And they also come in lot of shades, so I can use each color for a different occasion. 

And the gloss on the right is called “Color Icon Lip Gloss”, and the best thing is that it is also a vegan product. The color and the texture are amazing. I love it! 

Both are excellent choices for everyday makeup.

Wet 'n' wild
Gei it here!
Wet n wild lipgloss
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Porcelain face

Finally, I want to talk about a product line that made me more than love it. I’m talking about Urban Decay’s Spray series.

This brand is becoming more and more surprising with its products. But on this occasion I will speak exclusively about fixers and setting sprays. 

I will go into details about each one, since as a professional make-up artist they are indispensable products on my makeup kit.

The first spray is called “rebound”. This product contains collagen, ideal for mature skins as it provides firmness, hydration and vitality to the face. 

I always use it on mature skins to prepare the skin, but you can also apply it several times throughout the day to have a smooth appearance. And believe me, you have nothing to worry about: it’s so light that it won’t hurt your makeup at all.

Rebound setting spray
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The second spray is called “Quick Fix” and is definitely my FAVORITE spray. 

The hydration that brings to the skin is incredible, in fact is the spray I use daily in my makeup, because I have dry skin and it is wonderful to it. I also love the softness that leaves on the face skin.

You can use this product on several occasions while you make up to be sure to wear a radiant look, and also apply it at any time during the day to stay perfect.

Quick fix cruelty free

The third and final setting spray is called “B6”.

It is for all skin types, and for any age. Contains vitamins and antioxidants, so you will give a nourished look to your skin.

It helps to absorb the grease, so you will be able to control more easily the shines of the face, if you have mixed skin or fat.

You can even include it in your morning and night routine.

Cruelty free setting spray
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Do you know wich face shape do you have?

Extreme longlasting

This is Urban decay’s most famous makeup fixer: “All nighter”. And it’s worth his fame. It’s even so good that the other sprays from the collection emerged from him. 

This fix spray can be used several times while you make up so each element of your makeup stays in perfect condition for hours. It is very light but effective and has a pocket version if you want to retouch throughout the day.

Get it here!

Now this fixer “All nighter: Pollution protection” we could say is the improved version. 

It contains an excellent formula of the previous fix spray, but also added elements to protect your makeup from the environment and pollution. You’re probably wondering: why or how do these external agents affect?

The answer is very simple: external elements can cause our makeup to rust and take gray shades. So if you want your makeup to look shiny all day long, this is the ideal fixer

Cruelty free fix spray

If you have mixed or oily skin, you could definitely include this fixer called “De-slick”.

It will help reduce the production of oil and control the luster of the face. I would recommend applying this fixer with one of the above to have better results and make your makeup look intact during the whole day. 

You can also apply it several times while doin’ the makeup, and you will see that result is surprising.

de slick
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Finally, I’ll introduce you to Chill. It is ideal for dry skins.

I use it every time I make my makeup, and I can tell you honestly that it is one of the best fixers I have ever tried. It gives a lot of hydration to the face, a good healthy shine and softness.

It helps make the makeup last much longer, to adhere to the skin and especially to look healthy.

In the same way, you can use it several times while you make up so each element of your makeup stays in perfect condition. And, if you want to, you can apply it several times a day to look amazing all the time.

Get it here!

All these sprays and fixers, I use them constantly when I go to makeup someone. And believe me, all the girls have been delighted with these products. So, no doubt, I recommend you to try them and choose the ones that match your skin type to get incredible results.

I wholeheartedly hope that this article will be a great help for you. That you have found this tips very useful, and above all that you keep in mind that there’re makeup brands and INCREDIBLE beauty products that do not test in animals.

I invite you to be part of a big change. I invite you to generate awareness in society and be the voice of all animals that have suffered and currently suffer in laboratories.

You and I together can create an incredible change. I would appreciate infinitely if you help me to share this article with all your family, with your friends so that everyone knows about these brands.

If you want to know more about the topic, I invite you to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I constantly upload videos mentioning cruelty-free brands, showing products, doing reviews and tutorials, etc. For me it’s very important that you all know the variety of brands and products that can be found on the market, which are in favor of animal rights.

This is all for now, remember to visit my social networks, and do not hesitate to contact!

Big hug, I wish you an excellent day. Good bye!

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