If you’re like me, you probably spend every morning in front of your closet deciding what to wear. Not because he has nothing to wear, because he does not like anything, but because it is difficult to know what mood he is going to have the rest of the day and the clothes must accompany him.

Then you lose at least 30 or 40 minutes a day trying to find the clothes or the equipment, or the garment you had in mind. You try each garment and look in the mirror and then take it off, until something acceptable has been achieved to face the day.

Everything is easier than, in the middle, without clothes with clothes that you no longer wear, with clothes that are not useful for the occasion, or that are not entirely representative of your person at this point. Yes, I am talking about those garments that will “reappear” or that you still have, even if you are your first 16 years.

Until today.

10 tips to organize your closet


All clothes that are not your size, off the season, or your taste. It does not mean that you should throw it: there will be gifts, others to save and others to keep them not so handy. 

Keeping the closet with the clothes that we actually use is a great help when it comes to finding what we have in mind.


If there’re garments you only use to parties, locating them in a differentiated place can pave the way for an easier decision. Put the party clothes on one side, on the other side the work clothes, and finally the daily garments. 

This helps to be adequately presented in each area. Predisposing a place for each area in your closet will allow you not only to keep it tidy in a practical and functional way, but also to keep you properly dressed in each area in your life.

3.- Have in mind your needs:

Don’t forget to keep in mind your needs before continue. You need to know what you need to every area of your life, and if you have it or not. If you have it, keep it. Everything else, you can dismiss. 

Let me be clear: we’re not having emotional clothes in our wardrobes, so if you have a garment you love but don’t use, you can either modify it to use it, give it as a gift to someone you love, or put it a frame and hang it in your bedroom. 

Everything you can’t use, it’s not in your closet. 


This is how to organize your looks every week to never waste your time again.


Each one will find their way to make it work. I’m sure that machining the order of garments according to type and color makes things much easier. 

All the skirts are together, and in their place they are sorted by color. The same with the trousers, and especially the shirts and blouses. It will also be useful when it comes to making combinations. 

Having your own mechanics -the one that works for your lifestyle- will save you time and make your creativity easier to dress.

5.-Back to Basics:

It also separates the basics. Strip T-shirts, sleeveless and smooth short sleeves, or jeans in good condition. They are all elements that can be used for goin’ out, being at home or the office. 

So, don’t ask yourself on what occasion you used them the last time and where they will be now… The best thing is to give them the privileged place of Joker.

6.-Hung or folded?

Be sure to hang everything that should be in the best condition before using it (beyond ironing them when necessary), and to keep folded everything that may lose shape if it’s hunged. Skirts, trousers, shirts and cardigans must be hung. T-shirts and shorts, folded. 

Remember that jeans are not easily marked as other types of trousers, so it can receive a differentiated treatment. Believe it or not, I twisted them.


Organize your work clothes to maximize your time every morning.

7.-Use the Doors:

Whether to hang accessories, jewellery, scarves or belts. The space of the doors is very usable by its dimensions. First of all, because it allows you to see the accessory near the clothes, stimulating your creativity to mix and match. Second, it maximizes the use of your space. 

If the inside of your closet does not have so much space (or you’re fear that the accessories can be hooked on your clothes), a full-length mirror is always useful.


Keeping shoes and wallets in good condition contributes not only to the presentation. But also the range of options. The more shoes you have available, the more likely you will have to take a chance. 

To do so, stuff them so they don’t lose their shape or stretch. You can use cartons or rubber-foam for high boots, and silk paper for purses.


Sure you have the right clothes for your body type? This way you will know that everything fits beyond those days where “nothing fits you well”. 

The “What do I wear?” is going to be drastically reduced on functionality and color of the garments. No longer his form. Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

10.-Use without abuse:

They say that we use about 20% of the clothes we have in our closet. I believe that limits us in many ways. 

So, along to the effectiveness of laundry, I use the clothes once and I split them. It won’t go always to laundry, depending on what it is and how many times it has been used. But surely it wont be in my sight during that week, giving place to the rest of the garments. Then it can go back to it’s place.

Don’t forget, the idea is to get what it works for your lifestyle. Separate clothes by use, maximize your space. That way you will save time and present yourself properly in every area of your life.

Ready to try these tricks? Let’s assault the closet!

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