It’s clear, we’re not Vogue. 

Someone thinks about fashion and that word appears. 

It’s not only something visible, but you wouldn’t even have thought about it. How could you? 

Vogue is an empire, the lighthouse that illuminated fashion industry for nearly half a century, the publication that ruled part of our lives, the dictatorship of style. 

We could not be compared, but we would like to clarify that we are not Vogue and we will never be. Not just because we can’t. But because WE DON’T WANT TO.

Vogue has been great for the fashion industry. It’s been the cradle that has launched designers, trends, photographers, a whole culture of exclusivity and elite. An ideal of beauty that was that. An ideal. 

We are all about being great for people. Not industry.

We prefer a culture of solidarity and equality. Sure, not all of us can wear the latest from Kirkwood, or an amazing gown by Tom Ford. But we’d love to see some Chloe mixed up with Zara on the street. Why not? Creativity is priceless, expressing yourself it is as well.

We do not believe in the value of a fashionista who comes out in magazines for bringing the latest and most expensive. We prefer the woman who uses what represents her. The one that can take a classic or a vintage garment and take it as a revolutionary act. The one that dresses in black and is able to give it a completely new twist only with accessories. 

We celebrate the real, not the ideal. 

We prefer the culture of the woman who feels good about herself. You can choose the perfect garment for your body, instead of changing your body to fit in the garment. The one that makes “fashion” fit in their lifestyle, and not who modifies their life to follow a trend. 


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We don’t believe in fashion dictators, we believe in style democracy. 

We believe everyone has the right to wear the best version of herself. 

Are there any rules? Sure! There are shapes, textures and colors, like all art. And, like all art, there is always a new aesthetic that we can explore, styles and currents to invent. Fashion is an unlimited, subjective and changing art that no one should want to govern. It’s beauty is in the freedom it implies. 

We’ll never be Vogue. 

We will never impose beauty ideals because that was good at another time. But today is the time to open your mind, to accept that diversity is the highest ideal we can achieve. We must turn it to reality. 

It is time to see that the paradigm is changing and that, if fashion was ever something, it was because of the power of expression and freedom it embodies. 

And that is what must remain. Expression and freedom.

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