I’m sure at this time of the year you can’t possible remember how much you rested in the summer, and i’d bet you are already anxious about the winter holidays. Not To despair, your day to day becomes a battle to reach July while your homework, home, school and wardrobe suffer from the necessary “transition”. Are you ready to face this  day-to-day war against yourself? 

Then you’re in the right place: starting a war. A very particular one where your worst enemy can be yourself. 

And this is because we tend to endure to explode: the lack of rest, the continuous accumulation of tasks and the tension of fulfilling everything is coupled in such a way that leads you to choose between IMPLODE or EXPLODE. 

That’s when you start to doubt yourself. 

What had you very excited becomes an impossible goal. What you started with enthusiasm today costs you horrors. And the more you doubt about it, the worse the results you get. 

It becomes a vicious circle that brings unproductivity and greater doubt. If the options are implode or explode, from here we recommend always EXPLODE.  

Take it out, with sport, organization, expression, don’t keep anything! 

Often exploding is the solution, puts the cards on the table and helps you make decisions in a real and conscious way. 

Especially if the other option available is IMPLOSION: health issues, quarrels with friends or family, constant moodiness. 

But There is a third option, at the risk of being repetitive, and it is ORGANIZING. Learn to keep your mind cool and have handy tools to know how to make wise decisions, think critically, analyze your options in each battle and play your best cards. 

Reach out to the best organization apps, and mecanize your tasks as much as possible. But above all, believe in yourself. 

Thousands of people got their titles, other thousands have the job of their dreams. Many bought their houses, traveled the world. What’s your goal this year? Because if thousand people could make it, guess what? YOU CAN TOO! 

So Keep on absorbing ideas, ways of organizing and saving time, ways to manage your ideas and skills. 

Open your head and stop judging ourselves is a first big step (no one says it’s an easy one). As we always say, we must learn to manage our minds, before our mind manages us. It Is the most powerful thing we have, so we have to put it under control, so that it does not turn against us.

So, get ready to win the war: set up your weapons and turn on the combat mode, because this month we give you tips on how to take the guns at work and in your life, and use the pressure in your favor.

Ready for war?

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