I always liked to think that women are prepared for everything: we know how to face a challenge. It is our nature. I am sure that many of you, in this situation of global chaos, have corroborated it firsthand and with your own eyes. 

Now you not only have to take care of work and the house, but also – in many cases – be the children’s teacher, go shopping for the elderly, and manage to contain and entertain the whole family. Have you ever felt that much weight? And all this, with the difficulty of having practically no schedules or limits.

It is, undoubtedly, time to think of a new strategy.


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But if it’s about new challenges, here we go! Facing a challenge every day is our thing! 

Just because we have virtually unlimited time, despite having to embark on too many tasks, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We simply have to find a new system of organization, set limits for ourselves to work, take care of the house, the tasks of the children, etc. 

And this, with all the available technologies, cannot be a challenge that we cannot achieve. You already know some very valuable tools, such as these 5 apps to organize your life, or the technique to be more productive


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But we must also remember the pillar of our integrity: taking care of ourselves, and not forgetting that while many of us are at home now, it is healthy to continue with certain routines. We do not take care of ourselves so that others see us, but for ourselves. 

So this month we will take you on a trip outside your comfort zone and to new terrains, where we will find the greatest challenge: adapting to extreme situations where we tend to be the column that supports the entire family. As the famous phrase says: “A woman looks a challenge in the eyes, and gives it a wink.” 

Ready to start? Tell us how you are organizing so far and what topics would you like us to touch on!

Inspira a una amiga. Compártenos!