Maybe getting out of your comfort zone is not a priority for you. But if you like to explore new horizons, you cannot stay still, you need a little adrenaline or even if you want to grow professionally or academically, opening up your head will be more useful than you might think at first.

But openness of mind is the consequence of an exercise that is more difficult to carry out than it seems. So we put together the 5 ways you can start to get out of your comfort zone.

1.- Do something that scares you

Facing a fear is something that definitely makes us open our heads and accept new things. But it must be voluntary, otherwise it will only produce a permanent phobia.

If you are afraid of heights, challenge your limits and climb as high as you can. Start with a ladder, do not go straight to climb Aconcagua. When you see that nothing happens and the world continues to roll, you will be encouraged every time a little more.

Start small, set real goals and go achieving them. Sometimes shock therapy is not recommended, you will know how much you are encouraged. The important thing is that you are running your own limits to open your mind to new things.


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2.- Learn new and difficult things, from scratch

If you are one of those who have dedicated themselves to study or learn a profession or trade and live from it, I am sure that you don’t go out from that and some meeting with friends.

But diversifying your knowledge is important when it comes to nurturing your center as well. People are surprised when they meet someone for their formal career and then discover other diverse interests. It is healthy to get into other worlds and see how things work from another perspective, or even learn other kinds of developments and logics.

If you’ve been interested in things for years, and haven’t had a chance to know more about it, take advantage! Today the internet is full of free courses, books, information… It has never been easier to learn something!

Admittedly, this is a great opportunity to pick up abandoned questions, but your head will open up much more if you start the learning process from scratch. All courses and knowledge books have an introduction and the process starts from the most basic to the most complex concepts and procedures, whatever you want to learn.

So take advantage of that and learn something new from scratch. Not only will you be able to get out of your comfort zone, but you will also expand your knowledge. And believe me, that enriches all areas of your life.

3.- Meet new people

The group of friends of a lifetime is definitely your comfort zone. You go out with them, you talk to them, you see them in an environment of security and comfort that is only comparable to that offered by the family.

So going out alone for one night or on vacation and predisposing yourself to meet new people is one of the tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone the most.

When we are with friends we become attached to the uses and customs of the group, we have codes, internal jokes, we know our eyes. But meeting new people definitely leaves us alone with our tricks.

The internet has erased that a bit, now you don’t even need to go out to meet new people. But do not be confused, because is not the same: the gestures that we see in a person, their body language and the energy that it transmits to us, are more important questions to form a first impression, than mere words or the occasional retouched photo we can see.


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4.- Try new things

A food that you would never have tried or clothes that you would never wear can be a great idea to get out of your comfort zone.

Surely when you were a girl you would put on some aunt’s shoes or play with your friends’ clothes. Do it now!

Sometimes to change our skin we must start by acting from someone else, and that limits us. Maybe you even start to like it and incorporate it into your life. It is a great way to break down prejudice, and expand your mind.

Anything goes: food, clothing, shoes, hairstyle, new ways to go to work, use your imagination. The sky is the limit!

5.- Don't say "no".

It sounds dangerous, I know, but if you have seen Gossip Girl you understand exactly the point.

Not saying NO for a day to the opportunities that life presents you can be the easiest way to start getting out of your comfort zone.

So if today a friend invites you out and you do not feel like it, nothing to make excuses of work without finishing to stay at home in pajamas watching television. You can’t say no! And who knows, maybe you would be missing out on the great opportunity of your life there!

See how it works?

So now you know, you have 5 easy options to start getting out of your comfort zone and gathering experiences for life. Tell us how it goes with this!

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