Just when I thought that there was nothing to clarify the horrible darkspot that was made on my forehead from one day to the next (only God knows why), I see 8 thousand recommendations for this apparently magical cream. Ponds Clarant B3, face bleaching, which turned out amazing to 95% of the people I heard or read who tried it.

So I did not hesitate and I bought it to try it myself, hoping to be one of those many positive cases. But this note should be called “chronicle of a disappointment”, and I’ll tell you why.

I haven’t seen advertising for Ponds Clarant B3 cream, clearly Ponds does not need it. But word of mouth is usually more powerful and I decided to try it after hearing a thousand wonders about the cream.

I must admit that the first try was not particularly careful on my part. I added it to my night routine along with the rest of the products that I have been using. I am not a chemist, but I know and have seen cream mixing effects because of some ingredients that are advised not to mix, even waiting for the indicated absorption time. 

So, the cream seems heavy, well concentrated. It has a buttery texture but without oils. Wich i love, because it has amazing absorption, and your skin ended up smooth, soft like a baby butt. The packaging itself (pink and delicate) warns that it can cause a little redness or dryness, even some burning. All signs that, according to the laboratory itself, are common and should not scare the user away. So i was ready to erase that annoying stain on my face, even with one or two cons.

After two weeks of using it this way and only in the affected area (I know, I realized a little late), I decided to stop using it. I was expecting to see some positive change between 20 and 30 days of use, although most of the good reviews I have heard or read had seen changes in the first few days. 


Best and easier day routine you can found.

I kept reading and listening to how this cream worked for many people. I decided to give it a second chance after two or three weeks off.

This time, not only would I follow the recommendation of the cream (which was using it  day and night and in the whole face), it was the only cream I used for a month. So no other cream could cause a reaction or even counter the effect. I would do it for 30 days, non stop. Enough time to wait for a result, good or bad.

So, 30 days of firmly following my new routine, cleaning my face and using this cream all over my face, and not just in the stained area. I have read from several girls in Facebook groups that using it on the entire face was more effective than just the stain that was intended to be bleached, as if the cream mimicked the two pigmentations.

But the result was not the one I expected. With the exclusive use of this cream, it gave me the feeling that the stain is more noticeable. I couldn’t tell if it cleared the skin on the rest of my face or if it darkened the blessed stain on my forehead.

The point is that now my stain is more noticeable, or I am more obsessed with it, but it has not gone away or diminished, that for sure.


That's how you go to sleeo like a baby after a perfect night routine.

Ponds is not a high-end brand, and still has products that deliver on what they promise, so it’s a very respectful brand. This was not the case.

Not only does it not clarify anything, but in the few cases that it doesn’t work (like mine and a few more that I found), the skin is worse than it was: it changes the type of skin (or rather, the regulation of sebum), removes stains or worsens the ones you already have or, at best, does nothing to you.

Honestly I was very disappointed, although I did not spend too much money to test it, I wasted time waiting for results that never came. Really, I thought about trying some other cream that promised to whiten this divine stain, but I was very suspicious of the promise itself, so I’ll stick to makeup until the “Ponds Clarant” effect wears off of my mind and i can believe in cream promisses again.

I hope your experiences with this cream have been better. Tell me in the comments if you have tried it and what was your impression. Have you had good results?

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