Dress for success is not a simple quote in the fashion industry. It is, perhaps, one of the most used, and surely the most undervalued. It’s not a matter of dressing properly to face a job interview, or a desired social position. It’s not a matter of the economically understood success.

It may sound inadequate and utopian, but I believe that “success” is achieved when one becomes what it wants to be, in its personal aspiration, and this entails a whole universe. The “right” is not dictated by the moment, nor by fashion, much less a passing trend. You dictate the right thing, and for that you must know yourself, love yourself, and know what you want.

Thus, “Dressing for success” becomes a metaphor for preparation for a goal. We are not talking about clothes, I repeat, nor of advancing in any area of life. We’re talking about goals.

And then the million-dollar question arises: what is the goal? What -or who- do you want to be? Well, if you’re lucky enough to know, you’re halfway there. If you can even visualize it, your mind is there; and if your head is there -they say- the body follows.

Women are taught, from a young age, to wish for certain stereotypes: we want to be cute, skinny, blonde, athletic, with money, smart, independent, housewives, mothers. Whatever. 


This is what we are. And what we are not.

I’m sure each one has their own list in mind. Keep it.

I’m also sure it’ll be flying out in a few minutes.

Most of these things may not have to do with how or who we want to be, but what we want to be. And that make us like things, it puts us in a function. Mothers. Housewives. Independent workers. It doesn’t define us, it just describes one of our many roles. That talks about our potential

But if we clear our mind, new goals will emerge, those that have to do with ourselves without involving anyone else. Funny, safe, smiling, sweet, patient. That’s the list that works. It’s the one that leads us to be happy, isn’t that the greatest success?

And then, the rest of the phrases are right: beauty begins at the moment that one decides to be herself; The best makeup a woman can wear is her smile. Get dressed for success. For your kind of success, for your personal success.

To know how to get to a place you only need to know where you started. It’s going to be easy to conquer the rest.


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So let’s make a deal. We do not dress for society, for work, to be comfortable in running with children while we go to the park, or to impress someone. Let’s dress to show how we are: fun, daring, confident in ourselves, simple, peaceful.

Whatever. What we are.

That’s success.


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