Weeks ago we confirmed the Kardashians were not the most stylish brand in Hollywood anymore, but so is the new generation: their younger sisters, the JENNER’s. Provoking both love and aversion, the Jenner sisters knew how to make their way into fashion and beauty world, together and apart. Far surpassing their predecessors.

We saw the style and sophistication that brings to the duo the eldest of the sisters Kendall Jenner (although both have eight older siblings from both parents), and today we will see about Kylie, whom many call “the new Kim.” By this exaltation of luxury and style, the Jenner became, in a short time, more than the new Kardashians: They became “The New Black”

Kylie: The sexy Bomb

Despite being the little one, Kylie has been eager to stand out being the sexiest of the sisters. A hard work of transformation of body and face has been responsible for achieving tremendous goal.

It’s not difficult to realize the difference between the little Kylie earlier in her 15 and 16 years, and the Kylie of 18 that has burst as owner of the social networks, and has taken millions of followers in a very short time: fleshy lips, eyebrows raised, sharp chin. Surgery or makeup? We don’t know, and it’s not that it matters that much. The truth is that the change has hoaxed the little Jenner enough to transform her into a style icon. Let’s see.

Red Carpet

Kylie does not sing, she is not a model, she is not a dancer or an actress, but she is still one of the most famous people in the world. And with that, the consequent task of presenting prizes or simply accompanying their relatives. Going to parties is also a hard work for the young woman, especially when it is time to define her image.

With a sexy stamp, Kylie manages to dress up the most provocative designers, either with deep necklines, transparences, high pits or super tight dresses.

Street style

Kylie’s street style, however, balances more comfort although it tends to oscillate between workout outfits, basic neutral colors and sets that show the trendings of the season (sometimes, all together).

As many have already pointed out, his look has a strong reminiscence of Kim Kardashian, perhaps his role model. But something is clear: unlike Kim, Kylie doesn’t adhere to the high heels and dresses adjusted at all times, leaving time for relax, some grunge outfits and is not afraid to be seen in his workout attire.


Here's Kendall Jenner Style!


The make up of the minor of the Jenner’s is a whole trending topic in the social networks: voluminous lips and false eyelashes are usually the brand of the Kardashians, but this Jenner has gone beyond: has made his lips a brand, and his make up is the most copied.

With a base of strong contouring, Kylie stays in the comfort of the neuters most of the time, leaving some smokey eyes or red lips just for the red carpet or advertising campaigns of her brand, KylieCosmetics. Ckeck it out:


Kylie is also known for her crazy and constant look changes in her hair. Varying lengths and colors, has impacted us with mint hair or green tips, or with wigs type sixty. Which look do you prefer?

Like a chameleon, Kylie likes to play with her look, and when she finds repercussions, she’s going to be safe, always keeping an ultra-sexy image. What do you think of Kylie’s look? Would you imitate it?
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