Yes, that second home, the office. Synonymous with comfort, where the 8 hours a day become “everyday”. But don’t let that deceive you: there’re things you shouldn’t do at work, no matter your age, the confidence you have with your teammates, or the “good vibe” that may have your boss.

What not to do at work

1.- Arrive with wet hair

A good up-do and wet hair doesn’t worry us. We talk about loose hair, barely brushed (sometimes with hands), with water leaks included. Bad deed.

Your wet hair can say two things about your personality. That you don’t care about the time and arrive as if you could not finish with yourself. Or that, in general, you have a bad time management. Not to mention if your arrival is delayed beyond your agreed entry schedule. And if you couldn’t handle yourself, how can you manage your job responsibilities in time and form?

2.-Dress up evening clothes:

A versatile garment is a blessing, but those destined exclusively to the club or parties are out of range. Little black dress, allowed. Glitters, crazy colors and croptops, no. No, no and No.

I’m sure you don’t think about going to a job interview with the clothes of the night before. In the same way, the daily work attire gives a more finished idea of your personality, it’s important that you know what not to do and, above all, what not to dress. If you’re not sure you can meet this rule, we’ll help you with a little tip here.

3.-Girls at first sight:

Excessive cleavage gives a bad idea of your gifts. As long as you’re paid for your work and not your body, try to show what you know more than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use a little cleavage and stick to turtle neck even in summer.

But work office is not the best place to show off your new sparkly dress with a deep V cleavage. 

That should tell you all.


How to find the perfect LBD.

4.-Too Short:

The message is the same as above. A good length for the office is 5 fingers above the knees. The guideline is to be able to sit down without having to worry if someone can spot something. So, keeping the length around the knees, we’ll be fine.


A lot of accessories can be fun for the beach, the club or a party. But any noise that can distract from work is a bad idea. Especially if we talk about an exhibition within a work meeting. Choosing one, at most two separate accessories, will give a tasteful image and prevent you from sounding when you enter the office, as if you were announcing.

6.-To sweat at the gym:

The sportswear (including comfortable yoga pants and slippers) are completely closed in the work environment. Otherwise, your boss might think you’re ready to run off at any time, and that matters more to you than representing the company properly.

7.-Too much PERFUME:

We understand, you use international fragrances. But unless you want the whole office sneezing or with allergies, you should leave a slight scented breeze. It’s preferable that, before becoming a sample with legs of the Cyprus’s notes of the last of Carolina Herrera. Quality is not quantity. (And no, the cigar can not be covered with perfume)

8.-Designer Shoes:

Keep it simple, the plated wedges with givré are for a party, not to go to the office. The Multicolor patent leather and the Lady Gaga style saw-shaped heels are not a good idea either. Keep in mind that your feet will suffer 8 hours of unnatural posture is a good incentive. Stick with it.


This is how you manage work pressure.

9.-Hands and feet not made:

It doesn’t speak well of the proper work when the limbs of the body are neglected. That’s easily seen by shaking hands. Cays, injuries, burns and scratches are clumsily translated. The hands and feet are the part of the body on which we have more motor control. And his presentation comes, many times, ahead of our first word. Remember that the first impression is formed in just 4 seconds, and it may take a lifetime to turn it around.

This does not apply to those who work in factories, or performing handicrafts.


Violet and Orange are an unexpected, but acceptable mix. If we add fuchsia, yellow and green, it is probably easier to go to work at Cirque du Soleil than to be taken seriously by bosses and colleagues. Believe me, everyone will talk about it, not in the best way. Keep the wardrobe professional in tones of confidence (we’ll talk about that).

Avoiding these actions is starting with the right foot.

And you, what would you never do at work about your image?

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