What a trip! That was a tough month actually. Did it ever happen to you? Like everything goes backwards instead of going ahead? Like you always have a new stone on the road. At the end of the year, that can be a very hard hit. 

But here we are. Women know how to get up, take momentum and start again. And you know why? Because we don’t give up. Because we have a different way of looking at things. We learned to see ourselves, and to know our value. But of course, if we wanted to show you how to become Wonder Woman and achieve all your goals in time and form, we had to do our homework first. 


Here's how to become Wonder Woman (without dying at the attempt).

So this is what happened. There are no experts on Web pages here. This webpage is made with dedication, centimeter by centimeter, guided by curiosity, and much reading. When the page died, I contacted the host provider, and after tell me that there was no visible problem, they offered to restore everything for about $150 dollars (that’s $6000 in my country). There was NO WAY, simply, to be able to disburse that sum within a few minutes to get the site back. 

My biggest thought during the shutdown was: “Ok, if I can do it once, I can redo it”. So we warned on social media, and I went to take refuge with the most beautiful community of bloggers that exists, created and directed by the fascinating Carla Castillero and her team. And, suddenly, hope came back when  -thanks to them- I managed to recover the site. And although after that everything fell again, reading and reading, I had a good idea of the logic behind this web programming madness. 

The rest was to retrieve the last published pieces. In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t just recovered the lost notes: we improve them. You can read our previous editorial and know the wild-card clothes of your closet, even more complete than before. Even more, you can read how to find out what your face shape is, with more information than its previous version. 

So this month we will fulfill what is promised (which is debt): hacks that make your life easier. Less to do in your closet, in your combinations, in your makeup, in your hairstyles… Even in your working life! So you can mecanize those things that make you waste time every day, with the benefit of feeling ready to face the rest. 

And if you find a stone on the road, don’t hesitate. Grab it. And use it to build something even bigger than you had planned 😉

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