Middle year has arrived and, with it, fatigue and hopefully a small (non sufficient) vacation. Reinvente yourself should be one of the most common concerns at this time of year. Feel your mind fresh and ready to take any challenge that has lost strength in recent past months. And, believe it or not, starting on the outside facilitates everything.

Not that it’s new that the way we look can take us far. In fact, that impulse that image can give us is precisely the heart of this site, the motive behind the existence of LTL.

Take out from inside the best possible exterior version of ourselves to take the world in our hands and get where we want to be. 

Well, the truth is that we have pass the middle of the year, and many times the fatigue and routine throw us down. Half year feels specially exhausting and the main thought could be “i’m not gonna make it til December”. But you do, somehow, a lot more exhausted that you thought you could be.

The first thing that shows this fatigue es our image: it tends to deteriorate. Is not news that when there is a lot to deal with, we put ourselves last on the list. We get crazy with all the stuff we need to do and, somehow, we remain last in the list.

ERROR! Big mistake.

It is a TERRIBLE job to have to maintain the tidiness all the time. And what about not allowing ourselves to spend more than a day in pajamas, because we know how quickly we get used to that. That’s why our eagerness to organize the house, the work, the projects … everything to keep a little time apart so we can take care of ourselves.

That is the basis of a woman’s power. Believe me, if SHE can believe that she takes the world ahead, she WILL DO IT.

And when we lose strength, we just change. If you can’t make it enymore, you reinvent yourself.

We can be blonde, brunettes, redheads, with natural makeup or overloaded. Try, experience all your “I’s”, and choose the one that suits you best for the time of your life that you are living. 

Don’t attach yourself to one only, i promisse that changing will help you see things in a different way. You need to not be the same as a mother than kicking ass on work, and to play your part propperly, you need to be different in each area. It’s a mindset stuff.

Why so much work? Because the secret is to be the woman of our dreams. Nobody else matters, if you are comfortable with yourself, the world is at your feet.

Are you ready to learn to reinvent yourself whenever you need it?

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