A closet wardrobe rocker style is the solution when you have a rocker style and don’t want to put it aside, even if it costs you to find the right clothes to go to work every day. I bet that the more powerful you feel with your clothes, the weirder your boss looks at you.

Most people often think that if you have a defined style of great character, like the rocker, you are stomping chicks and sticking out your tongue all day. It’s what stereotypes cause, right?

As a result, you could spend hours in the morning discussing what to wear so as not to cause fear, laughter, or too many comments. Or, on the contrary, you dress anything to feel yourself, but it has cost you jobs, discussions with your mother, or listening to unnecessary comments.

Friend, I have the solution for you: what you need is a capsule closet rocker style that retains your style and closes mouths at the same time. That makes you look professional or ready to break the track at a party without looking like a Kiss costume. Here we go!

1.- Choose the clothes for your rocker capsule wardrobe

Leather pants

Although it is straight out of the stereotype, a leather trousers is a MUST for a rocker style: it serves for a party, for the office or for a recital. There are even those who wear them every day with slippers.

Let’s focus on a wardrobe that can be all terrain, so it is a garment as important as it would be a basic black pants for a classic style. Only with more character.

We show you our favorites on the web:

And how it-girls use it around the world, to inspire you a little bit:

Leather skirt

Leather skirts are the bosses in a wardrobe of any office worker who wants to get high. They are the mother garment of any girlboss in all the metropolises of the world.

We will choose something basic within everything: cuts, seams, everything allowed. We are going to stick to a pencil shape, which makes it sexier (especially to maintain the shape of the hips when we mix them with bands or basic shirts).

But, of course, you are going to choose the perfect skirt, the one that best makes you feel according to your body type.

These are the best options we found online:

And all the inspo you need to this outfits:


Encuentra la falda perfecta para tu forma de cuerpo.

Denim skirt

It’s our casual version of a skirt: torn, frayed, maybe painted. In light blue or black, it will work equally.

It can also have studs or an ornament that goes with your style, but in general, the more basic it is, the more possibilities of combination it will have with the rest of the garments.

We show you the best you can get without leaving home:

We also wanna show you some outfits to inspire your own style.

Ripped jeans

They can be normal jeans. After all, there is nothing as classic and timeless as rock and jeans.

But we think that ripped has an extra touch for a rocker style. Still, you can safely wear them with boots, stilettos or sneakers.

Check out our recommendations!

We don’t think it takes a lot of inspiration to wear a jean. You could use it with a waste bag and it would still look great.

But, just in case, we show you some streetstyle looks to stimulate the imagination 😉


This are the 5 garments you can wear all year long.

Graphic t shirts

One or ten (we know that whoever has them has them in piles).

T-shirts with a band print cannot be considered a MUST, but they are religion for a rock look that is not a costume.

Graphic T-shirts, with phrases, drawings of characters from rock culture, or similar are also worth it.

Don’t have one? You can get the best online!

Believe it or not, you can not only dress them with jean pants or ripped skirts. You may have already seen above some styles with a leather skirt, which look super even wearing heels.

Here we show you some more styles.

Over the knee boots

We are talking about buccaneer and elastic boots. If we get a wide reed it would not work, they give a musketeer look that has nothing to do with the basic rocker style.

Lower cut boots would have less character and we are looking for a defined rocker style but that shows that it can be useful for going out and for the office. So you must have clothes with sophistication and elegance.

That is why we chose this type of boots, glued to the leg and that give place to play with different outfits.

Check out the best deals on the web!

Here we also leave you the inspiration you need to get the most out of your buccaneer boots!

Booties with a detail

This is an icon of rock style for women, the perfect type of shoes for going out: concerts, parties.

Any outfit with short boots with studs, glitter, zippers or some metallic detail, looks instantly rocker. So only this accessory can work wonders and turn a white t-shirt and ordinary jeans into a rocker outfit.

And, if you still doubt the wonders that these booties can do for you, we are going to show you basic looks so you can see how it transforms them.

Try them and tell us!


This is how you can wear your summer basics in middle seasons.

Black leggings

Ripped jeans are very casual (although you can wear them with stilettos), and leather pants can be too much for some occasions.

So we found it useful, neutral and all-rounder to have a pair of black leggings: goin’ out with friends, going to work or even just taking a walk.

Well used, they are a safe long-term investment that will pay off slowly.

These are the best we found on the web:

It is more than easy to combine a pair of black leggings and give it the style you want. But we like to give ideas, so you can be inspired by these:


We believe that it is a basic garment in every wardrobe, and this one is not left out!

Of course, it would be obvious to give the example of its use with the leather skirt for the office: sophisticated, strong, with character and elegant. But you can also surprise with ripped jeans and a band t-shirt, adding a sequin blazer to go out any night with friends!

If you never thought of having a pair, we show you the best you can get online, without leaving home:

Here we show you the best looks with a rocker air that we found to inspire you.

Canvas sneakers

I’m sure if this is your style, you already have one. The canvas sneakers typical of the rocker style are usually inexpensive, versatile, come in an infinity of colors and you can use them in any season.

I assume that I should not give examples of how to combine them, because they go with everything!


This is how you can assemble any capsule wardrobe.

Stripped dress pants

I can imagine your face with that weird grin thinking “striped dress pants ?!” Yes, my friend, it seems crazy.

But you need something basic for the office, and plain black pants wouldn’t do the job. I’ll tell you why: Because it doesn’t have that “godfather” vibe that striped pants have, and that can be worn fitted with an air of sophistication and with sneakers two minutes later, without losing the whole rock and roll idea.

So if you don’t have yours yet, here are the best online options.

Now, if you can’t imagine it a bit, it’s time to see how this garment fits into a rocker style, especially for the office.

Black blazer

Like the black stillettos, they are a necessary garment in any closet for any style (perhaps only in the romantic style we would exchange it for a white one). Although a red one would also work.

A black blazer suited to your body shape can do wonders with a ripped jean, or even any outfit with sneakers.

These are the ones we liked the most on the web, although there is a lot to choose from!

You will have already seen many of the styles above with blazer. It is a MUST for the office, to put on a ripped jean shorts or as a light coat for a party.

Here are some more examples, that never exceed;)

Black leather dress

This is going to be our rock version of the little black dress.

We could do it with just about anyone really. Anyone not full of ruffles or other distinctive elements of other default styles. With the right accessories, any black dress can act as a rocker.

Especially with the booties that we saw above. But the point is to get cool with the least amount of clothes possible and – after all – this is a capsule wardrobe in a rocker style.

So if you don’t have one, you can see our picks online.

Of course, it’s a rockstar garment, and there’s nothing stopping us all from wearing it. So we leave you some ideas to start planning in which next party you are going to wear it.

Palettes blazer

It doesn’t seem quite of the style at first glance.

But if we think of a stage, it is just the type of coat we need for a great party. Even to lift any type of informal outfit. The sequins immediately make it look more formal, even if you opt for a bomber jacket instead of a blazer. Jacket, jacket, anything goes.

And yes, she is very rock diva. And that’s the idea: look like a star. So if you never thought of buying one, we leave you the best right here.

Do you have doubts about how to use this garment with this particular style? Always incorporate some other more typical garment when the style lacks identity, or you do not feel comfortable enough.

These are some examples.

Leather jacket

A rocker closet without a leather jacket is like the Stones without Mick Jagger. It just doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist.

It does not matter what style the jacket has (biker, aviator, blazer, jacket), but it must be leather. That will have to do with your secondary preferences or your own style.

And, just like canvas shoes, we think you should already have one in your closet, and that you know exactly how to use it (plus, it really goes with EVERYTHING).


The way to organize your closet FOR GOOD.

Basic t shirts and tanks

They are essential in every wardrobe and we are going to use them as a base here too. Especially for garments that in themselves have a lot of character, in order to lower the intensity and neutralize the pure style a bit, so as not to end up looking like a costume.


These shirts are going to serve us to complete the office looks, or to lift some other more informal garment.

Although they respond to a classic style if they are basic, Victorian if they have ruffles, or other styles, they usually have the drama of classic rock. Of course, we will pay attention that they go with your body shape or your personal style, you can always replace them with what makes you feel more comfortable.

And if you are with a more informal style, for tartan flannels. Red or black and white are ideal.

2.- Check out the capsule system

Time to see the garments!

Pay attention: you could wear anything with anything and it would look great. Sure, sequins are a lot for every day and sneakers very little for the office. But, in general, you have a rocker wardrobe suitable FOR EVERYTHING.

Ready to check your wardrobe and give the perfect base to your rocker style?

Tell us how it works out!

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