For sure, you already have the perfect routine for your skin, but sometimes that is not enough: every now and then you have to use natural face masks. After all, that magical glow of your skin did not appear there by magic.

In fact, each of these natural masks has a specific purpose. Natural water-based ingredients serve to hydrate, while every oil tends moisturize or nourish. Finally, everything that reconstitutes or stimulates the characteristics of a healthy skin (elasticity, smoothness, softness), is restorative.

You can guide yourself with these same ingredients that we use for hair, and make your own masks to try and see wich one your face will love. Take the time to get to know your skin and to see reactions: redness, swelling, tightness, irritation, some type of pruritus / mud / rash are never good signs.

As for now, and while you do your experiments with natural products (which, unless you have specific allergies, will never give you a reaction as strong as chemicals), we will show you 5 incredible mixes for you to try on your face.

1.- Aloe, natural milk, honey.

Aloe is wonderful: it has an aqueous base so it is super moisturizing, but it also has extra qualities: it is decongestant, restorative and refreshing. Preferably, milk should be natural: almond, soy, or cow, but natural. That means that a packed box milk with pasteurization, chemical treatments and synthetic additives will not be as usefull as natural milk. Finally, honey will hydrate very gently and leave an incomparable smoothness. If your skin looks tired, dull and with no life, you should try this mask!

How to do it: Use the gel from the center of the aloe leaf, process it or blend it to break the ligation, add a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of honey, and process or mix everything. You can use a paper pill to soak your mask and use it without wasting ingredients and without making a mess when it starts to melt on your face.

Easy, I swear that this natural mask is very relaxing!

2.- Jojoba oil, honey, banana.

Jojoba oil is one of the mildest and most beneficial oils for skin, hair and nails. It nourishes in depth, and tends to rebalance the face, due to its structural and chemical resemblance to the natural sebum that our skin produces. In addition, it is not comedogenic or allergenic, so it is very rare to cause any undesirable reaction, and does not cover the pores. Also, it contains vitamin E and a large amount of minerals.

Honey is moisturizing and leaves an incomparable softness. But it is not just something superficial: it is regenerative, it improves acne and is an antioxidant. The banana is super moisturizing and provides vitamins and antioxidants, helps regenerate scars and lighten spots, since it is a natural emollient.

If your skin is dry and tight, either because of the cold or because it naturally is, I strongly recommend this type of natural masks. Be careful how often you use it, we don’t want to go the other way, even if you have acne control.

How to prepare it: Use half a banana or one, according to the surface you want to cover. Smash it and leave it as a homogeneous cream. Add a teaspoon of jojoba oil and a tablespoon of honey. Place it on your face carefully, if it is very liquid and you do not feel comfortable, you can cool it a little first.


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3.- Coffee, cocoa, natural milk.

Coffee is wonderful for your skin: it leaves it smooth, it is decongestant and detoxifying, it deeply moisturizes and leaves it with an incredible light, even under the eyes where those horrible dark circles of tiredness usually appears. Cocoa also brings its own: moisturizes, is an antioxidant, stimulates micro circulation and fights acne. Milk, meanwhile, is rich in lactic acid, protein and biotin, so it protects the skin in depth and moisturizes it. If your skin feels tired, dull, loose and stained, this mask is for you!

How to prepare it: A spoonful of instant coffee and a spoonful of cocoa. We are only going to wet them with natural milk to make a creamy paste, not too liquid but well diluted both coffee and cocoa. You are ready to use it!

4.- Vaseline, egg white.

Vaseline is a deep moisturizer that for many even serves as an anti-wrinkle. It provides elasticity and firmness, and stimulates the natural production of collagen. In addition, it contains vitamins A and E, so it is regenerative and antioxidant. The skin white also has anti wrinkle and anti sagging properties, so it gives a unique and very remarkable smoothness even in a single use. If you are looking for deep and anti-aging hydration, you should see the wonders this mask does.

How to apply: Mix a teaspoon of vaseline with an egg white. Place it with a cotton ball or a paper pill so that it does not spill and can be used without wasting it.


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5.- Coconut oil, avocado:

Who did not hear about the properties of the wonderful coconut oil? It is super nutritious, delays the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines due to its high antioxidant content, and gives smoothness, fighting sagging. In addition, it provides fatty acids that balance the skin’s PH, and is antibacterial, so it also helps with acne. Avocado is also a powerful antioxidant, it contains vitamins. And thanks to its high level of folic acid it is a potent cellular renovator, and a natural strengthening and protector.

If your face looks fatigued, with dead cells and dry or cracked, this is your magic mask. It is very nutritious and leaves the skin clean, renewed and smooth.

How to apply: Smash half avocado and add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Integrate well and patiently, until you have a creamy and uniform consistency. Apply it on the face, paying attention not to spill: if it is very liquid when the coconut raise temperature, you can put it in the refrigerator for a while to solidify it again.

All natural masks will act in depth in about 20 minutes, so you can then remove them by rinsing with plenty of water and a face sponge. Don’t forget to condition your skin later with your favorite moisturizer!

Ready to choose your favorite? Tell us how you turn out!

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