We have all gone crazy at times trying to choose the perfect shade of lipstick to feel confident and take over the world. But here is a shortcut: there are 5 lipsticks every girl can use, you just have to find the perfect shade for your colorimetry.

We could say that these are the “neutrals” of makeup. The shades we all girls can trust. Sure, on your style it will depend a lot if it is something for you or not: a person with a strong romantic style will probably not wear a black lipstick, but I think you already have the idea.

5 lipsticks every woman can use


Red is considered a neutral color in fashion and beauty. There are cold, warm and neutral reds, so we can all use this color, as long as it is the right tone for our type of colorimetry.

As you can see below, there are countless shades of red, but all skin types can benefit from this lipstick.

Red is one of the lipsticks every girl can use, there is even a shade of red (the neutral one) that suits all skin colors.

In addition, we show you the best tones that you can get with just one click from the comfort of your armchair.


This is the shape your eyebrows should have according to your face shape.


Mauve is a muted pink tone, with a touch of violet and another of natural, which is ideal for all types of occasions. It is one of the lipsticks every girl can use, not only all skin types but also on any occasion.

Business, parties, every day … mallow can accompany any type of makeup and style. It can be used in romantic styles and in other more daring, such as rocker, bohemian or even glamorous.

It is for this same versatility that mauve can be found in perfect shades for all skin types, depending on whether its formulation contains a greater amount of pink, violet or natural.

You can see how the different complexions look with it.

Haven’t tried the perfect mauve shade for you yet? Take a look at these options that we found for you online.


Pinks are basic shades that you can take advantage of. And it is more versatile than you think. You can use a fuchsia for a glam or rock style, and a light pink for a romantic style.

The versatility of pink means that there is more than one perfect shade for every complexion. It is almost a neutral like red, and you can find several shades for your type of colorimetry regardless of the season of the year you will wear it.

For bold or soft looks, and you can even find pink for more minimalist and neutral looks. Take a look!

You can find all this variety of pink lipsticks without leaving your home. We show you the ones we liked the most.


Black is a neutral color in excellence, it is widely known that it looks good on all of us, and one of the lipsticks every girl can wear. Your features do not matter, or your colorimetry, black is always elegant and gives the impression of a strong woman.

So, when it comes to colors, we should have no doubt that it suits us all.

However, black on the lips is not for everyone, and it does not go with all kinds of style. You can use black if you have a daring street style, a glam style or even the rocker. But we would not use it for a classic or romantic style.

Let’s see how they are inserted into the rest of the makeup for different colorimetries.

Out there they say that there is only one black, but we show you the best formulas for this tone on the market so you can get yours.


Find out wich one's your face shape.


Like the rest of the tones, except black, there is a nude tone for each type of complexion.

And contrary to popular belief, the shade that most closely resembles the skin is not the correct one, but the color of your lips skin. Otherwise, the look you achieve is that of a lack of body temperature, or a lack of lips.

That is why it is very important to know how to choose the correct nude lipstick for our features. Once you have the exact color of your lips, you can vary to a greater or lesser saturation and choose similar shades to vary.

We show you different looks with nude tones that will make you fall in love.

These are the lipsticks, colors and formulas that we like the most and you can get with a single click.

So now you know … you can find the perfect shade for each of these colors. If you are thinking of expanding your cosmetic collection or don’t know where to start, these are the best options.

Do you already use them? What is your favorite tone? Tell us in the comments!

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