About LTL

For years image counseling and stylist were an exclusive luxury for celebrities, being excluded for real women. The ones who walk down the street every day without being harrassed by the paparazzi, and still wanna look great.

We believe that every woman has the right to look good, to radiate on the outside everything that is inside, to be certain that we ALL are a role model. 

And we think that all of that should cost nothing.

So who we are?

We are a group of women sure that beauty is not an elite. That style is not synonymous with “latest fashion”, and that we all have the right to look great.

We have passion for image counseling, beauty and journalism. And we have passion for you. 

You’re the center of this crazy idea of empowering women through the image.

And what is LTL?

>We want to provide the necessary tools for you to radiate out what you are inside. To have the style you want and be perceived as the great woman you feel. Quality image advice, and completely free.

We are sure that with our tips you will learn to be your own image counsellor. You will be able to educate your eyes to highlight your best virtues, and hide those things that make you uncomfortable. You will learn to feel safe and confident by your own.

To show your personality is to achieve the perfect style.

You can send us any questions or concerns, posting photos or not, reading our notes on fashion, lifestyle and styling, learning from other people’s mistakes (and our own). And know a little more about the types of shapes, colors and fabrics that favor you most according to your body type and color complexion. 

In addition, we offer you to be part of our community and have free image counseling with our team.  We show you our tips and beauty secrets so that your skin, hair and makeup are impeccable.

We bet on you, because being well you’re going to accomplish anything.

We believe that a self-confident woman can achieve what she proposes. And with an extra impulse she can become the owner of the world.

Ready to conquer it?