What’s the worst thing that could happen to your hair? Dry, brittle, fine, battered because of dying? Everything has a solution. Especially if we have magic. Biorep is basically that: magic for your hair. CAP Laboratories, from Argentina, found a way to combine the exact ingredients to reach the production of an INTEGRAL hair repair. And I assure you that it’s unique, although many have wanted to copy the formula by calling it. Its composition is based on lemon, coconut oil and honey. With every use, it completely restructures the hair, and also works -depending on the type of use you do- as an integral repairer. It’s even been tested on hair with chewing effect. Hair that’s severely damaged by discolorations and severe chemical burns usually has the scissors as its only solution. But the intense nutrition offered by the combination of this ingredients causes a reviver shock. Also, it improves the condition of damaged hair, as it acts on the inside of the fiber, unlike many treatments that are only cosmetics. As a plus, Biorep is antibacterial, does not generate dandruff, is ticks (can be used in children), and works as an antioxidant.

Is Biorep chemical?

The BIOREP is handmade with natural products. It’s not a chemist. It is amazing the brightness and docileness that brings to the hair, even if it’s in very bad condition.

Many stylists use it and perform brushing or ironing at the end of the treatment, but it’s not necessary. It’s usually done to enhance the shine and give a better presentation. But Biorep does not contain formaldehyde, it doesn’t smooth or alter the capillary structure.

It’s hypernourishing, moisturizing and repairing, giving your hair everything you need in a single treatment. One of its versions brings Shea butter, ideal for high porosity hair, but not so recommended for low porosity hair (virgin, untreated, with fiber closed by some previous treatment).

Besides, it’s an ecological product. It’s made from natural ingredients, not concentrated or chemical extracts. And it lacks silicones, both soluble and insoluble, paraben and petroleum based products.

If you follow low and no poo washing methods, it’s ideal for nurturing. Still, we recommend to evaluate if the hair gets heavy, depending on the regularity of the apply.


That's how you take care of your hair from scratch.

How does it apply?

Biorep is basically an oily product, so it is best to apply it on the hair when it’s dry. This way, water will not appear as an impediment to its good absorption.

The hair will need at least 40 minutes for the product to penetrate and act. But, if you can leave it overnight with a hat, it would be ideal. This way you make sure the hair takes every benefit from the ingredients.

Before removing it completely add a bit of conditioner mixed with water, to “emulsify”. That is, to mix the oily phase (biorep) with the aquas (conditioner) little by little, and let it rest for another half hour.

Then, remove the product completely with plenty of water and massaging several minutes, without entangling the hair. At the end, you can apply or not more conditioner or some acid cream, so that the humidification lasts for longer.

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