You’re probably in heaven with your new sculpted fingernails. And no matter what material you have chosen to have them amazing and fashionable, there is always something you can do to make them last longer. So we went to the technique in nail construction, Valeria Andreyeva, who told us how to take care of sculpted nails at home.

Now, we give you the main tips to make your sculpted nails last longer and looking amazing!

What are the main care we can have at home after spitting our nails?

First of all, you have to know that nails are not tools. So don’t use them to open cans, scrub, press buttons (especially the bathroom or the bus), etc.

It’s also important to wear gloves when washing dishes or doing cleaning tasks that require putting your hands in the water, to take care of the work a little more.

If the client likes to eat their nails, their most important task is to stop taking their hands to the mouth, because as much as the material is resistant, is not foolproof.

Does the hydration of the hands and the care of the cuticles influence?

The hands are part of our body and need to be taking care of, therefore hydration is extremely important. But it’s not going to influence the lifetime of the sculpted. 

Although of course the skin and the moisturized cuticles, will make the work look much prettier.

Extra tip

Have amazing and smooth skin on your hands and soft-moisturizes citucles.

What are the main reasons why sculpted fingernails are ruined?

Use of chemicals without gloves, use of nails as tools. Take your hands to your mouth, or handle your hands as if we had nothing done are the main reasons. 

Sometimes it can also be an application failure.

What damage can the natural nail have if the sculpted nails are torn?

The natural nail is made up of several layers of hardened keratin. If we start the sculpted what we are going to achieve is to remove these layers, fine-tune the lamina of the nail and even cause grooves in the lamina.

If it’s too thin, it’s not going to be sculpted, it’s going to hurt your fingers. And, in addition, the nail bed (the “flesh” to which the nail adheres) will be much more exposed and unprotected, being able to hurt more easily and until it reaches an infection.

How much time does the construction last?

The construction will last according to the quality of the products, the quality of the work and the care that the client takes. But that’s not to say they’re eternal. 

Not doing the service or an appropriate removal is extremely dangerous to the health of the nail. It may result in detachment, moisture filtration, fungus and injury.

How often do you have to go to the service?

The service has to be done every 15 days at least and 21 days maximum. After that period the nail grows enough to get to pry and start the sculpting, causing the problems I mentioned before.-

Valeria Andreyeva

Valeria Andreyeva

Sculpted nail technique. Specialist in Russian manicure, sculpted in acrylic and gel, and decoration. You can know his art in the Fanpage "Nailstruck by Valeria Andreyeva"  and in her Instagram @valeria. Andreyeva

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