Are we on time? We know it, the preparations for the holidays can drive anyone crazy and the last thing we think about, is literally your outfit for Christmas and New Years eve: it is probably the thought of 19:55, when the relatives or friends are about to arrive. And, at that point, you have to solve it quickly.

That is why this year we are anticipating and we suggest you have your outfit ready for the 24th at night, so that you do not have to try 57 combinations in 2 minutes before going out to enjoy with yours. That stress is not worth it! So, ready?

Outfits for Christmas and New Years

Green and romantic christmas

For old school romantics, who love to mix textures with colors and patterns, an option for the cold.

For this reason, a dress with ruffles and dark green lace, with strap sandals and anklet in copper. We add a jaquard coat embroidered in gold and a jaquard envelope, with gold and a touch of red, it is the ideal outfit for these parties!

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Where to get all this? We show you some items in case you want to complete the look, remember to check your wardrobe well before buying!

Classic red

But if what you are looking for is a more glam look, we propose you a one-shoulder red outfit with many touches of golden glitter. Definitely a festive option for areas that celebrate Christmas in summer!

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These are the items that will allow you to achieve this look if something is missing at home.

New years modernity

For a more modern look with a touch of Victorian style, we show you this idea: lace shirt, embroidered mini shorts and super high heels. In addition, we changed the typical Christmas colors for white and gold, with a touch of nude. This is one of the modern outfits for christmas and new years eve.

Would you dare to use it? Tell us in the comments!

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And if you are missing any pieces to put together this look, don’t worry, we show you the options available online that we loved to steal your look and be the star of the night!

Glittered christmas

Do you want to go one more level? If you like glitter and you opt for full gold, we propose a dress full of sequins and accessories in green or red. It is a good option for those who love to shine without leaving color aside.

What do you think of this look?

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For those who love this idea, we leave you some clothes to complete the look and try it this Christmas!


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Blank new year

If you like total looks and you want an impeccable but modern style, we offer you an idea that you can easily put together at home. That is, white pants, white shirt and colored shoes.

We chose red so as not to lose the Christmas spirit, but you can change it to green, blue, gold or silver, or any other color that suits you!

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Are you missing an item? Then check out these online options that we loved to complete the look!

Different holidays

If yours is not the typical red-green duo of Christmas or you want a new year in full color, do not worry, we also have other options.

To give it a twist, we liked the idea of keeping the shine but changing everything to a bright blue or sky blue, it is a color that suits almost all complexions and we found it original for the holidays.

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Here we show you how you can steal this look and wear it better than anyone at Christmas or New Years.

Clean slate

White is a very striking color and gives excellent energy, it means life, purity, innocence, neatness. That is why we think that a simple white dress could also be a great option for the new year if you opt for this color, in a more arranged look.

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These are the clothes with which you can achieve this look and be shiny at these parties!


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La vie en rose

We also think options to shine!

We love pallet dresses, sequins, beaded embroidery, everything that sparkles! And the gold could not be missing, but it really works in any color because the idea is to keep the joy.

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So, we show you some online items that would complete the look, so you can try it out and show off this Christmas.

Romantic restart

For the romantics there is a great variety of options in the new year, the party dresses are full of lace and ruffles! So we just had to add some shiny heels and a gold envelope to complete the outfit.

And we kept it in nude and gold tones so it looks good on everyone! Would you use it?

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We also show you some of our findings on the internet so you can complete the look and try it out!

Flashy christmas

For the classics there are also ideas!

For starters, a plain red classic dress can become a very festive outfit with the ideal envelope and a good necklace. We leave the shoes in skin tones so that they simply accompany without breaking the look, and do not compete for attention.

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If you are missing any of these items, you can get them here!


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Christmas sophistication

Another classic look but this time, in green. Green dresses mix modernity with sophistication and we loved pairing it with a floral blazer and gold shoes. In addition, the white touch of the blazer and the envelope gives light and freshness to the outfit. How about?

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So, you can try it at home, we show you some clothes that you may need to complete the look.

New years in classic black

On the other hand, the elegance of black never goes away, and it is never out of place. So if you feel safer in that place, we chose a classic and elegant party jumpsuit to accompany the evening.

Also, we added some classic gold glitter shoes, a necklace with ethnic touches and good makeup.

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We leave you some clothes and products so you can complete this outfit and you can steal the look (and all the looks).

New year, new you

We also found it a good idea to mix pink with red and gold, and a bit of nude or white to illuminate. We admit that this look is a bit eclectic as it mixes the typical glitz of glam and skin with the romance of pink and the classic simplicity of the lines of the envelope and the shoes. Would you try it?

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These are some of the items and garments that you can see if you are missing any to complete this look.


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Simple and sexy

You could not miss the glamorous option for the fatal woman of the group! So if you are one of these, with a simple red strappy dress you can wreak havoc thanks to your personality.

You can combine it with golden shoes with a curved design, a flowered envelope, red lipstick and a good perfume.

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Here are some of our picks so you can steal the look and try it this Christmas.

Bohemian christmas

We also have more ideas! For a slightly more bohemian and casual look, the idea of a patterned dress and simple accessories, such as a clutch bag and plain heels in red, did not love. But also, we add a headband to give it a greater touch of femininity and style. Also, if you are in a cold area, add some pantyhose that will be luxurious!

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As if that were not enough, we show you some of the items that can help you achieve this look, and that you can buy directly from your home.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments if you are going to try one and tag us on social networks in your end of the year photos so we can see how good you have been!

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